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Read details about Where Is Brittney Griner From and learn about her personal and professional life in this article about Griner.

Did you know that Brittney Griner was sentenced to nine years of imprisonment and fined 1 million rubles by the Russian court? The United States has urged Moscow to accept the deal to free Griner. Some sources informed that the US had offered Viktor Bout, an arms trafficker, for swapping Griner. 

Moscow seems to demand the additional release of Vadim Krasikov, a murderer imprisoned in Germany. Let’s check more about Where Is Brittney Griner From?

Personal life of Griner:

Griner was born on 18th October 1990, in Houston, Texas. Griner is 31 years old. Sandra Griner and Raymond Griner are her parents. Her father was a court sheriff. On 11th February 2013, in an interview, Griner said that she was bullied as a child and during her basketball training, because of which she is working to bring society’s attention to prevent bullying, specifically against LGBT people. 

Griner had three siblings who were older than her. She had two sisters, namely Pier Griner and Shkera Griner. Decarlo Griner is her older brother and Brittney Griner Siblings. 

Griner’s married life:

Griner got engaged to Glory Johnson, a WNBA player, on 14th August 2014. Police had arrested both of them on charges of disorderly conduct and assault. Both sustained injuries, but regardless of the incident, Glory Johnson married Griner on 8th May 2015.

But, the marriage did not last long. On 5th June 2015, Griner filed for divorce, citing duress and fraud. The divorce was finally granted in June 2016.

In August 2018, Griner got engaged to Cherelle Watson and married in June 2019. Cherelle Watson is Brittney Griner Wife, who has changed her last name and is now known as Cherelle Griner.

Griner’s arrest:

Griner was prescribed hash oil in Arizona. Honey oil is a medicinal cannabis legal in some states of the USA. However, it is illegal in Russia. Griner went to Russia in February 2022 to play off-season games. On 17th February 2022, she was found with vaporizer cartridges containing cannabis. The court considered her words but sentenced her to nine-year imprisonment and a 1 million rubles fine.

During her trial in a closed-door hearing in a Russian court, Griner pled guilty and accepted that she was carrying cannabis.

Why Is Brittney Griner Detained?

Griner also said she did not intend to break the law. As anticipated by her wife, Griner’s arrest is sighted as Russia’s revenge for western sanctions. 


Brittney Griner is one of the top women’s basketball players born and raised in the USA. However, her wife Cherelle said that Griner’s imprisonment was politically motivated. The US government has proposed a deal to swap Griner with arms trafficker Viktor Bout. Griner weighs approximately 205 lb (or) 93 Kg. Griner is six feet and nine inches. 

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