Who is Fantasia married to? Look Up Fantasia Barrino Age family, bio Kids Weight, Net Worth and Instagram.

Who is Fantasia married to? Many people have heard of Fantasia from the show American Idol in 2004, and she’s known for her music and albums. She had an unhappy childhood as well as the trauma of a unsuccessful suicide attempts. However, her life altered after her marriage and she’s happily married. Therefore, many people are interested in knowing who Fantasia getting married. Find this article to discover who Fantasia married to and get more information regarding her personal life. Who is Fantasia?

Fantasia Barrino, a performer and songwriter from the R&B style who hails from North Carolina. She was a popular contestant for the”American Idol” title at 19 years old in 2004. She was inspired by her uncles, who were in the group known as “The Barrino Brothers’ and she began singing at age five. Her debut album was “Free Yourself which was which was released in 2004. Find out more about her life as a person here.

Who is Fantasia married to?

Based on the information provided by the web site Famous People, Fantasia is married to a businessman by the name of Kendall Taylor. He is a native of Germany and was born on 10 August in 1980. The family was from Germany and later moved into the US. He is currently the president of the company dubbed Rock Soul Inc., located in Charlotte, North Carolina. Fantasia and Kendall were married on the 18th of July 2015. They’ve had a seven-year marriage until 2022.

Fantasia Barrino Age

According to the official website on The Famous People, Fantasia Monique Barrino Taylor was born on the 30th of June, 1984 located in High Point, North Carolina. Based on the date of her birth the age of her birth is 38. aged as of the end of December 20, 2022. the zodiac of her birth is Cancer.

Fantasia Barrino Family

The website for The Famous People, Fantasia was born in High Point, North Carolina to her parents Joseph Barrino and Diane Barrino. Her brother is Ricco Barrino who was a contestant on ‘American Idol.. Her uncles were in an R&B group called “The Barrino Brothers.’

Fantasia Barrino Children

As per the site of The Famous People, Fantasia has two children. First, her son, Zion Quari Barrino, was born on the 8th of August the 8th of August, 2001. She had her baby at the age of 16 and was married to Brandel Shouse. She was forced to drop out from high school due to this. She has her son who is called Dallas Xavier Barrino, who was born on the 13th of December in 2011. She has a step-son who is named Trey who is from Kendell.

Fantasia Barrino Height and Weight

Based on the web site Celebrity Inside, Fantasia stands at around 5 feet 7 inches, or 170cm. Her weight is believed to be around 61kg or 134 pounds. Her eyes are dark brown, and she has a hair shade of black.

Fantasia Barrino Net Worth

Fantasia is a well-known artist and singer. She was a household name for being named “American Idol” in 2004. The album she released her debut is titled ‘Free Yourself and her studio album has sold seven. She became an author after publishing her autobiography titled”Life is not a Fairytale. According to the official website for Celebrity Net Worth the website of Celebrity Net Worth, the net worth of her is about $1 million by 2022.

Fantasia Barrino Instagram

Fantasia Barrino seems to be quite famous in social networks. The Instagram username is official. Instagram account is @tasiasword. She joined Instagram in June 12, 2012. She’s active on Instagram with more than 530 posts. Her Instagram page is viewed by 4.9 Million Instagram users.

Who is Fantasia married to Answers to FAQs

1. who is Fantasia?

Fantasia is an American R&B artist, singer and actress.

2. Which is the complete title of Fantasia?

The full name of Fantasia can be Fantasia Monique Barrino Taylor.

3. What year was the first time her child was born?

The first baby was born in 2001.

4. Who is the husband of Fantasia?

The husband of Fantasia’s has the name of Kendall Taylor.

5. What is the age of Fantasia?

Fantasia’s age is 38.

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