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Are you a genius? Want to give it a try to solve the riddle of Who killed Mrs Smith? If yes, this article is all you need to go through. The riddle has been pretty trending in the United States, IndiaCanada and the United Kingdom

Today in this article, we will focus on all the details about Who Killed Mrs Smith Riddle. Follow the blog below.

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The Tiktok user riddle:

The latest riddle shared by a Tiktok user has been pretty trending on the internet. People are frequently seen trying to solve the riddle. As per the reports, a Tiktok user named mark, who is famous for sharing intriguing riddles, shared yet another unique riddle for others. It is said that the riddle can disclose some secrets about one’s personality if one can solve the riddle.

As per the riddle, one needs to guess about the suspect who has killed Mrs Smith following the statement given by the witness. Who Killed Mrs Smith Riddle Answer is pretty interesting, which we have discussed below. 

The Statements of Witness based on the riddle:

According to the riddle, Mrs Smith was killed in the evening. Listing down the statements given by the five witnesses present at the incident spot:

  • The Chef was making dinner.
  • Mr Smith was present in the garden. He was looking for the stars through his telescope.
  • The gardener was busy cutting the plants.
  • The maid was busy setting the table for dinner.
  • The butler was bringing wine for dinner.

The Answer to Who Killed Mrs Smith Riddle:

The riddle given by Mark was pretty interesting. After going through all five witness statements, many replies guessed the solution; most guessed the solution to be the gardener as no one cuts plants in the garden in the evening. But mark said the answer was incorrect.

In contrast, only one person guessed the answer to be Mr Smith. According to him, no one can find stars in the evening. To this comment, Mark replied absolutely. So the correct answer was Mr Smith.

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Summing up:

The riddle based on the killer of Mrs Smith was pretty unique. This article provides complete detail on Who Killed Mrs Smith Riddle. To get further information about the Mrs Smith riddle, tap on this link. This article states the full detail about the answer to the riddled starring Mrs Smith’s killer.

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