Why Is Detained Brittney Griner {August 2022} Read Here!

This post will provide you with Why Is Detained Brittney Griner. And some related actions taken against her wrongdoing.

Do you know about Brittney Griner? Why is she detained in Russia? What punishment was announced for the WNBA star? People from the United States and Canada are surprised to know the news. This article on Why Is Detained Brittney Griner will serve you the details about Brittney Griner and some internet based related facts.

Why was WNBA star Britney Griner in custody?

Brittney Griner, 2 times gold medalist and a WNBA championship holder, was accused of carrying drugs with her in the Moscow airport. On August 4, the Russian court declared punishment to Brittney Griner about 9 years of prison and a 1 million roubles fine as politically charged. She was carrying vape cartridges in her baggage. She has pleaded guilty to her actions in front of the court and stated that she had no intention to break the law. The US found it difficult to release the star.

Why Is Brittney Griner Wrongfully Detained?

Joe Biden, President of the US, stated that Brittney Griner was wrongfully detained, and his administration will give its best effort to bring back the athlete. The US government will have a fair press to release the WNBA star to live with her wife and loved ones as it is said to be a political move by the Russian government because Brittney Griner is a high-profile athlete in the US. He announced to Russia to release her immediately. This wrong decision highlights Russia’s legal system. The US government also declares that Russia engaging in these unjust laws harms everyone living, working or travelling abroad. 

Why Is Brittney Griner Being Detained

When the basketball champion was arrested in the Moscow airport for carrying drugs in her baggage, she was sentenced to 9 years in prison and a fine of 1 million rubbles. The result was declared after six months of being in Russian custody. Two times US gold medal owner in Olympic basketball admitted her guilt and said she didnt want to harm the Russian laws. She carried it in a rush. 

31-year-old was selected as one of the top 25 players of the women’s national basketball association WNBA. She also played for team phoenix mercury in 2013. She is regarded as a top athlete player in the US. Why Is Detained Brittney Griner is a controversial topic that is circulating and bafflling everyone.


Summing up the post, the top US basketball star being arrested for carrying cannabis oil and sentenced to jail for 9 years thrilled the public and netizens after the verdict was announced on Thursday. Griner, who has been in prison, was detained a week before Russia’s takeover of Ukraine. This topic is being searched widely on the internet. If you want to know more about Why Is Detained Brittney Griner, then please click the link below

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