Wildsmash.Com Legit {Oct} Check Legitimacy Details!

Read exclusive reviews unavailable elsewhere to know if is Wildsmash.com Legit. Also, learn how Wildsmash.com tricks the users.

Several sites have genuine registered users who want to meet locals to make friends and extend their relationships. The positive aspect of such sites is that strangers meet new people, know each other well, and bond in an everlasting marriage relationship with suitable individuals. At the same time, thousands of scamming sites in the United States charge a membership fee and later, post unauthorized charges!

Let’s check about Wildsmash.com to know if is Wildsmash.com Legit.

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The legitimacy of Wildsmash.com

Wildsmash.com is a tricky plot. Wildsmash.com is a domain that redirects users to https://datestobe.com for registration and access services.

Wildsmash.com established itself as a genuine site with an average 80% trust score and an excellent 100% business ranking but a poor 2/100 domain authority score. At the same time, it gained a zero Alexa ranking and a 5% suspicion score.

Wildsmash.com was registered in Staffordshire, GB, on 10th-October-2017. The website was updated on 8th-March-2021. Though Wildsmash.com existed for a long time, it expires within the next 11-months and 29-days on 10th-October-2023.

The features of Wildsmash.com Facebook:

@478782979479529 Wildsmash FB group was launched in 8th-Feburary-2020 and has 289 subscribers. However, its details are unaccessible as a private group.

Wildsmash.com did not include the terms of use, privacy policy, customer service contact and email. The website hid the identity of its owner and their contact details using internet censorship services.

Wildsmash.com uses a valid HTTPS protocol. Its IP has a valid SSL certificate for the next 322-days.

The legitimacy of datestobe.com:

Datestobe.com is the only site getting accessed via Wildsmash.com currently. Is Wildsmash.com Legit as Datestobe.com, partner site of gained a terrible 5% trust score, a 0% business ranking, a poor 3,575,792 Alexa score, and a terrible 6/100 Domain Authority score.

Further, Datestobe.com is a high-risk website for user devices, personal, and payment information as it gained a 100% suspicion, 23% phishing, 26% malware, and a 41% threat and spam score.


Though datestobe.com uses a secured HTTPS protocol, its IP has a valid SSL certificate valid for the next 144-days, and it is not blacklisted; datestobe.com seems a scam as it gained terrible Trust, business, Alexa, DA, suspicion, malware, phishing, threat and spam score. Hence, Wildsmash.com Legit reviews suggest a scam and as it redirects users to high-risk website, datestobe.com.

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