Write for Us + Cryptocurrency Guest Post: Read To Understand & Submit Guest Post!

This post on the Write for Us + Cryptocurrency Guest Post helps the readers understand our website’s policies.

Are you keen on investing in Crypto? Can you advise others also on Cryptocurrency? If you can help others, you can do so with the Write for Us + Cryptocurrency Guest Post. The guest post is based on the details regarding the Cryptocurrency for Florence Trust website. So, anyone interested can read our guidelines and start writing the guest post. Kindly read this post to know all the rules. 

What does Florence Trust do?

Florence Trust helps the audience, no matter wherever they are, to understand the topics like Cryptocurrency via Cryptocurrency + Write for Us posts. But, if you think that we work only on Cryptocurrency, you may be misguided. Our contributors work on various topics like news, health, sports, share market, product reviews, investment, mutual funds, films, manufacturing, entertainment, website reviews, bitcoin, digital marketing, technology, lifestyle, science, politics, and many more. If you want to be updated with the world, kindly contact us.

Informative Guidelines For Write for Us + Cryptocurrency!

One can understand the method of writing an article. Any contributor or ghostwriter can easily understand these guidelines as they are described most easily. Kindly go through the guidelines we have discussed below. 

  • Kindly check the gap between the keywords. It should not be beyond 110 words. The least hap must be 90 words.
  • The “Write for Us”+Cryptocurrency should include an external link that can be adjusted after completing 70 to 80 percent of the guest post.
  • You must check the spam count on an external link. It should never show any spam count, or if it has a spam count, it should not exceed 3 percent.
  • Kindly ensure that you write the content yourself. Our team will not accept any copied material.
  • The “Write for Us” + “Cryptocurrency” must have that information that can satisfy the readers completely. It must be worthwhile content.
  • The readability count should be maximum. It should show at least a 90 percent count.
  • The contributors must avoid using any indecent linguistics in the article. Hurting anyone’s sentiments will be intolerable.
  • The keywords and internal links must be highlighted in blue in the Write for Us+Cryptocurrency. On the other hand, you can highlight the external link in green.
  • Kindly proofread your content before sending it.
  • The intention of all the keywords must be clear to the audience.
  • You can use bullets or arrows to make the content more attractive. 
  • It should be written in an easy and understandable language.

Headings for the Write for Us Cryptocurrency

  • What is Cryptocurrency?
  • How to pay with Cryptocurrency?
  • Importance of Cryptocurrency
  • Cryptocurrency: What does it mean?
  • Best Cryptocurrencies
  • Should you invest in Cryptocurrencies?

Such topics are trending, and one should go for those that can help you gain traffic to the content. You are free to choose any topic, but it must be related to Cryptocurrency.

Advantages of writing the Cryptocurrency Write for Us

The contributors or ghostwriters are benefitted when they work for online platforms. Online sites help give mass publicity. But, Florence Trust has some additional benefits:

  • The contributors work with a high-profile online site with having good SERP rank.
  • Our page meets the SEO guidelines.
  • More than 1000 views are recorded on our page.

The Eligibility Factors For The  “Write for Us” + Cryptocurrency

If you have knowledge of Cryptocurrency or do not know about it, you can research it on several online sources and write an informative article. You should know English to write a guest post. Once you are done with your research and have learned all the guidelines, you can start writing the content and send us anytime.

Where to submit the Cryptocurrency + “Write for Us”?

The ghostwriters or contributors can submit the guest post at this EMAIL ID (infoflorencetrust@gmail.com). Our team member will notify you once the guest post is reviewed. It would help if you did not share similar guest articles with other editors. Kindly wait for us to respond and know the results. We will inform you once we have published the content.


Summing up this post on Cryptocurrency, “Write for Us,” we hope that everyone understands the correct way to write an article on Cryptocurrency The team of Florence Trust (https://florencetrust.org/) will solve your doubts, if any.

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