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The article clearly states the necessary qualifications and experiences of the Write for Us + General Guest Post writers for the Florencetrust website.

Do you think we are living in a world where information is money? Did you think some internet platforms are filled with fake and false information? Do you have the skills to present authentic information to our readers? Then you are the ideal person to enlighten our readers via Write for Us + General Guest Post. Let’s get into the guidelines and rules in the following section. 

About our platform florencetrust.org

Florencetrust.org is one of the leading content publishing platforms, working based on its three core principles: honesty, expertise, and creativity. We are the ones who publish the article after scrutiny and fact-checking, so our General + Write for Us article content shines through its values and facts rather than any false assumptions.

It enables us to gain a large number of readers from all over the country. We started this platform only for reviews, then included many useful topics, and currently, we are covering many topics like

  • News
  • Shopping Tips
  • Entertainment
  • Business
  • Cryptocurrency
  • CBD
  • Legal Facts
  • Currency Exchange
  • Real Estate

Write for Us + General writers Necessary Qualifications and Experience Details

This guest post topic is about the general one, meaning the guest post authors can choose their topics from any genre. And there is no particular specification for the choice of topic. We have some expectations for the articles to be presented under some guidelines. We want our “Write for Us” + General guest post authors to choose a topic that creates a sense of interest for all our readers. And it has to be different from the normal conventional topics.

Education qualification: Any graduate can make an attempt at this topic. And if any guest post writers didn’t finish their graduation degree, they can contribute their efforts in the “Write for Us” + “General” articles. We want to encourage people’s quality work, so we haven’t set any specific educational requirements.

Experience: Guest post writers can also tell a story in an interesting and informative way. Thus, there is no experience needed to write guest posts. But English knowledge is very important. They should also be able to produce error-free content consistently.

Write for Us General article Sample topics

As these are general topics for guest post articles, the authors may have difficulty in finding the exact trending topics, so we would like to suggest some trending topics for their use.

  • Why do major companies like Twitter, Facebook, and Amazon lay off bunches of employees?
  • Performance of digital currencies around the world
  • Healthcare topics and interesting tips
  • Trending news and its analysis
  • New emerging unicorn startups and their founders

General Write for Us articles Guidelines

  • The word limit for the guest post article is divided into two categories: technical (approximately 1500–2000 words) and non-technical (approximately 500–1000 words).
  • The content has to be presented coherently with proper, grammatically correct sentences.
  • Guest post contributors can present the Write for Us+ General articles conversationally and interestingly.
  • We accept only 100% unique content; subsequently, we kindly appeal to all writers not to submit plagiarised content.
  • The articles should be paired with the appropriate images and illustrations.
  • Writers should not use so many consecutive sentences. And try to split the paragraph into small sections.

“Write for Us” + General articles SEO guidelines

  • The readability score and SEO score play a major role in attracting more readers, so the article should have a high readability score above 75 to 80%.
  • To increase the SEO score, guest post authors can include internal and external links in their articles to boost the score.
  • Utilization of high SEO-value keywords is highly appreciable and recommended.

Why General + “Write for Us” writers should choose Florencetrust?

Our website includes newsletter subscription options, so our subscribers typically receive updates on new topics, guest posts, etc. Some people may find the website difficult to read, but they should have no trouble if we send it to their respective emails.

There is a high chance that they will read the articles daily, so the Guest Post contributors will get more audiences from our platform.

How to submit the General “Write for Us” articles?

Anyone interested in submitting one of their guest post articles should send them to our editorial team’s Email Address [infoflorencetrust@gmail.com]

If any guest post writers have questions about editing and formatting their posts, they can ask our team before submitting them.


We expect our guest post authors to adhere to the rules as mentioned earlier and Write for Us + General Guest Post guidelines without fail. Perfection is the halfway point to success. So kindly follow all the rules and don’t repost any selected General Topics articles in many different forums, as it may lead to many copyright issues. And all the best!

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