Write For Us Organic Food: Evolved Writing Tips 2023!

Explore the necessary tips and writing instructions to craft Write For Us Organic Food articles in an SEO-friendly manner.

Have you gathered more knowledge in the field of organic foods? Do you accept the fact that nowadays, people are shifting their food diet from chemically grown foods to organic foods?

Hence, organic foods are gaining more attention these days; hence, our website decided to publish articles based on organic foods, and we are inviting aspiring writers to create guest blog articles under the Write For Us Organic Food title.

Introduction to the website

Our Florence Trust website is one of the most trustworthy online websites in this digital print. We have the word trust in our name itself. Hence, all our working principles are targeted to gain the trust of the millions of people who read our articles. 

In addition to that, all our works help the readers gain more knowledge and stay updated in this competitive world. And our most trustworthy articles fall under the category of

  • Lifestyle
  • Organic foods
  • Diet and nutrition
  • Entertainment
  • Website reviews
  • Product reviews
  • NGO
  • Legal aid
  • Law
  • Motorcycle

Desirable qualifications needed to become Write for Us + Organic Food writers

Organic food is a byproduct of the organic farming methodology, where the farmers won’t use any type of chemical to cultivate the crops. Even in their mode of procuring seeds for harvesting, the farmers use only natural-based fertilisers to produce the crops. 

By doing so, we can protect our mother earth, and we can get complete nutrients from organic foods without any harmful side effects. Currently, people are looking for organic-based foods in fear of harmful chemically cultivated food crops. Hence, people are paying more attention to the Organic Food Write for Us articles that are getting posted on the internet.

Articles based on organic food are a hidden gem in the food industry, and our team wants to convey this message to our worldwide readers. So, we want the help of our talented writers to make this happen.

But we expect the writers to possess some qualifications, and here it is!

Education: A person who has completed agricultural engineering, agricultural studies, or agricultural informatics can share their valuable knowledge via Write for Us” + Organic Food blog articles. In addition to that, interested candidates who have finished certification courses in organic farming, organic gardening, bio-organic farming, commercial organic farming, sustainable agriculture, etc., can also give it a try.

Profession: Organic food farmers, harvesters, marketers, agricultural researchers, writers, and other professionals who are associated with organic foods and farming can extend their support as well.

Experience: We expect the writers to possess compulsory knowledge about organic foods; hence, people who have valid experience in organic foods alone are requested to write in this Organic Food + “Write for Us” blogging opportunity.

Skill sets requirement: Impressive and creative writing skills are much appreciated on our side.

Reference topics

Our team expects this guest blogging opportunity to be published in a highly effective and informative manner. So, we would like to share some of our expectations via this suggested topic. Please read the topics and send us the articles in this manner.

  • What is truly meant by organic farming? How have these practices gotten trending in recent days?
  • Kindly explain the process of crop rotation in the creation of organic foods.
  • Organic Food “Write for Us” Writers can also discuss the pros and cons of organic foods on agricultural land and in our environment. They can also address issues about soil fertility, land erosion, and eutrophication and how these organic foods address these issues effectively.
  • How can organic foods provide the same productivity as chemically cultivated foods?
  • What are the difficulties faced by organic farmers in recent days?
  • How do you identify highly certified organic foods from fake ones?
  • What are the most cost-effective ways to buy organic foods?

Write For Us Organic Food writing guidelines

  • Organic food-based articles should be written within the word limit of 1500 to 2500 words.
  • Writers should not promote any type of organic food company in their articles because any type of brand endorsement will attract severe rejection from our side.
  • As this article is all about food, the content conveyed by the writers should be 100% factually accurate. Kindly don’t pass any fake or non-factual information. All the content should have a scientifically proven one.
  • Kindly don’t make any spelling mistakes when sharing the chemical names of any organic foods. Write for Us + Organic Food writers must be able to write grammatically error-free articles.
  • Writers are allowed to use AI tools like Grammarly and QuillBot only. AI content-writing tools are strictly prohibited.
  • Writers should submit an article that is 100% original, which means the article should be wholly written by the respective writers only. Any type of copied content will also face severe rejection.
  • The article can contain loyalty-free pictures of organic foods.

Organic Food Write for Us SEO Guidelines

  • Writers also have the responsibility to optimise their articles based on the SEO rules and regulations, and one of the essential things is to attach the required primary and secondary SEO-enriched keywords to the article.
  • Writers must place the keywords by maintaining a keyword gap of 80 to 90. Thereby, they can manage a necessary keyword density.
  • At the end of the article, it is essential to add legal inbound and outbound links.

Benefits to the writers

  • As our platform is highly established and recognised, the “Write for Us” + Organic Food article getting posted on our platform receives lots of web traffic and viewership.
  • We have a very friendly reader base and professional staff to support the genuine work of the writers.

Submission and contact details

This mailing address: infoflorencetrust@gmail.com is the only contact point for our team, so all the writers must send their articles here only.


Thereby, we, the Florence Trust team, have shared all our instructions with the aspiring Write For Us Organic Food writers, and from then on, it is the wish of the writers. We can 100% guarantee that all the writer’s Organic food works will go up to greater extents, and their writing talents will be highly recognised and reached via this mail infoflorencetrust@gmail.com.

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