Write for Us + Shopping Guest Post: Check How To Write A Guest Post – Read Guidelines!

The article explains the Florencetrust.org requirements and expectations of Write for Us + Shopping Guest Post writers in terms of presenting the articles.

Were you the individual who had the most extreme knowledge of the recent shopping trends and has the ability to write about them? If yes, the Florencetrust team appreciates your knowledge and experience, and we wanted you to be a part of our platform. For producing high-quality and SEO-scoreable Write for Us + Shopping Guest Post articles, our group of professionals has designed a set of guidelines to make that happen, so we request the guest post contributors to go through this article entirely without skipping any sections.

About our website “Florencetrust.org”

We are a team of people who publish high-quality content for our readers, and our success is shared by all our professional Shopping + Write for Us writers and extraordinary editors. Our website’s coordination and dedication produced more unique and engaging articles for our readers. And our readers have been our pillar of support throughout our writing journey. This motivates us to create and explore many new happenings and incidents around us.

Our topics are, 

  • Website Reviews
  • Product Reviews
  • CBD
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Real Estate
  • New Articles
  • Motorcycle
  • Education
  • NGO
  • Legal Aids
  • Healthcare Topics

Write for Us + Shopping writers Desired Educational Qualifications and Experience

Shopping is an exciting topic for all genders and age groups because it has evolved to relax our minds and provide us with great joy. Our phones are now the centre of our shopping activity. All your shopping and travel experiences are contained within a cell phone, but that is the problem. And we expect our “Write for Us” + Shopping guest post contributors to highlight those issues to our readers; we are not asking them to scare people, but they should know about the actual incidents happening worldwide. Such as unrealistic offer details and illicit online website and product offerings because some websites and social media accounts are solely designed to scam people. Thus, we request our “Write for Us” + “Shopping” writers to shed light on those areas.

Educational Qualification: The marketing and online business professionals can share the reality of the shopping scenario, and the graduates of the particular stream can also state their stance on this topic. 

Experience: A more experienced candidate can attempt, on the other side freshmen can also boldly attempt on our platform.

Skills sets: High analytical and English writing skills are needed.

Write for Us Shopping Reference topics

Here is the list of reference shopping topics. It is optional to choose only from these topics; writers can also choose the topic independently.

  • Prevention steps to stay away from online shopping site scammers
  • How to spot a bogus online shopping website?
  • Famous brand offers and discounts along with their validity period.

Shopping Write for Us articles Guidelines

  • While presenting the article, the writer can quote the offers and discounts of a particular brand, but they shouldn’t endorse or promote that specific brand. It won’t be professional to present the advertised article.
  • Writers should not copy any content from the shopping website; it will be considered a plagiarised article, so Write for Us+ Shopping writers should write everything on their own. We will value only articles with 100% unique content. To ensure that guest post contributors can use online plagiarism checkers like Duplichecker, SEO tool sites, etc.
  • Articles should be written in good and error-free English, and we request the writers to double-check them with the Grammarly application.
  • Word limit: 750 to 1500

“Write for Us” + Shopping articles SEO guidelines

  • It is necessary to include the apt keywords in the article; they should be used according to the article’s length; if it is a 1000-word article, writers should at least use the high-SEO-scoring keywords ten times.
  • The internal and external links should be added to the article, but please don’t add the full URL link; make it a hyperlink.

Shopping + “Write for Us” writers Benefits

  • Our website has been effectively using the SEO strategy, which helps to get more web traffic, resulting in the article’s high popularity. Thus, we guarantee that the guest poster’s article will also become popular.
  • We have created a newsletter option for our valuable readers, so all guest post updates will reach them without fail, and there is a high chance that they will support those articles.

How to Submit Shopping “Write for Us” article?

Candidates interested and ready to submit their completed document should use this editor’s Email Address: infoflorencetrust@gmail.com for submission. Our editorial team will help you with any difficulties.


Thus, we have expressed all of our concerns, and all of our success is due to our hardworking writers, so we have treasured them and encouraged them in their future endeavours, and even Write for Us + Shopping Guest Post writers can expect the same treatment from us, so share your Shopping topic articles and reclaim our recognition. Did you find this article helpful? Share your valuable comment on it.

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