What can Telegram be used for? What is Telegram? And how different is it from Other Messengers?

What can Telegram be used for? Telegram Messenger can be described as an international freemium cloud-based, cross-platform, encrypted and centralised Instant Messaging (IM) solution. In addition, the service provides end-to-end encrypted chats that are commonly known as video-calling, secret chat file sharing, VoIP and many other features. Many users are interested to know what Telegram used for? Go […]

Why Is Search History Not Showing Up On Google? How To Fix Search History Not Showing Up On Google?

Why Is Search History Not Showing Up On Google? Search engine technology, online advertising, cloud computing, computer software, quantum computing, e-commerce, artificial intelligence, and consumer electronics are the main areas of interest for Google LLC, an American multinational technology firm. People are more interested in learning why search history does not appear on Google. We […]

Advantages of Using Opkey Automate Salesforce Testing Services

It is time to change your focus from heavy load lifting to paying attention to high-value activities. So unload the burden to some app, take advantage of various facilities offered by different service providers, and delegate the unproductive part. Technology and its advancement is playing a major role in developing more and more apps and […]

How To Make a Video Production for Your Website

Video can help you connect with your customers and generate leads, as well as increase traffic and brand awareness. Creating a video production for website strategy doesn’t have to be daunting. Here are a few tips to get you started: There is no doubt that video content is a powerful marketing tool for businesses of […]

How to Take Care of Your Mobile: 6 Protective Ways

Today, our lives are not complete without our mobile phones, and we must safeguard our phones from injury, just as we do with the other parts of our bodies. A shattered screen or scratches on your phone are the worst things that may happen. Additionally, it is rather costly to get a new smartphone if […]

Refractive Beam Shaper

Beam bean shapers are commonly associated with diffractive beam shapers in which the wave nature of light is the dominant effect. To achieve this, the diffractive beam shaper consists of an array of very small modulating elements that can be seen also as obstacles. These obstacles give rise to diffraction, which is the interference that […]

World of Warcraft Dragonflight: the Newest Expansion

Flying mounts have been a WoW staple since The Burning Crusade. However, Cataclysm opened up Azeroth for flying on a grander scale. Now, Dragonflight will take flight mechanics to even greater heights! Of course, it comes with other improvements and changes, but air travel is still the main attraction of the expansion. This is exciting […]

Lost Ark Loses 300k Players 

Lost Ark is bringing out the ban hammer once again. The recent wave removed 300,000 suspicious accounts from the game.   Lost Ark surprised the gaming community when it broke several records when it was launched and soared to 1.3 million concurrent players during its peak. However, in one of their efforts to combat botting, the […]

What Happened in the Deadman Reborn Finals

The latest Deadman Reborn Finals that concluded recently is making headlines due to a DDoS attack the participants experienced. Deadman Reborn is one of OSRS’ seasonal game modes. It runs for about three weeks and concludes with a final tournament where the top 2048 compete in a 1v1 single-elimination bracket. Deadman is a full loot […]

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