World of Warcraft Dragonflight: the Newest Expansion

Flying mounts have been a WoW staple since The Burning Crusade. However, Cataclysm opened up Azeroth for flying on a grander scale. Now, Dragonflight will take flight mechanics to even greater heights! Of course, it comes with other improvements and changes, but air travel is still the main attraction of the expansion. This is exciting […]

Lost Ark Loses 300k Players 

Lost Ark is bringing out the ban hammer once again. The recent wave removed 300,000 suspicious accounts from the game.   Lost Ark surprised the gaming community when it broke several records when it was launched and soared to 1.3 million concurrent players during its peak. However, in one of their efforts to combat botting, the […]

What Happened in the Deadman Reborn Finals

The latest Deadman Reborn Finals that concluded recently is making headlines due to a DDoS attack the participants experienced. Deadman Reborn is one of OSRS’ seasonal game modes. It runs for about three weeks and concludes with a final tournament where the top 2048 compete in a 1v1 single-elimination bracket. Deadman is a full loot […]

What Is Construction Performance Bond: Understand With An Example

Construction Performance Bond: A performance bond, also known as a surety bond or performance security, guarantees a project’s successful completion. In the construction business, a performance bond is frequently used to protect clients from the risk that a contractor won’t fulfill their assigned responsibilities. To guarantee their patrons that the project will be finished on […]

5 Signs That You Need to Replace Your Tyres 

5 Signs That You Need to Replace Your Tyres: Every motorist needs to know how to keep their vehicle in the best possible condition whether this is ongoing maintenance, buying new car accessories, or getting repairs carried out (or saving money by doing these yourself). One of the most common tasks that need doing is […]

What is VDI as a service?

In this era of digitalization and advanced technology, work-from-home has become a very popular way for employees can give their best. This practice has become a necessity for most businesses after the global surge of the coronavirus pandemic.  While most companies are searching for an effective remote working solution that can ensure the continuity of […]

Protecting the Longevity of Your PPE

PPE is essential in many workplaces to protect staff, but you need to make sure that you know how to protect the longevity of the PPE so that it can be used multiple times. Not only is this important for protecting your staff, but also keeping your costs down so that you do not have […]

Reason Why You Need ASO Before App Development – Read

ASO Before App Development: Contrary to popular belief, ASO is more than just text optimization that helps an app or game get more organic installations. Among other things, ASO includes working with analytical data, and conducting research, audits, and experiments. As a rule, developers turn to ASO when they already had to hire app developers, […]

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