4 Exciting New Workouts to Try Out This Year

As great as it is to workout regularly, it’s all too easy to fall into a repetitive routine filled with treadmills, weights, stationary bikes, and much more. When your usual forms of physical activity are slowly becoming boring and predictable, you’re much more likely to stop showing up to your sweat sessions, which can negatively affect your overall physical and mental health, as well as your motivation and progress.

However, many people often forget that exercising extends far beyond the four walls of your local gym. There are so many unique and exciting fitness activities that are waiting for you to explore, and maybe this could be just what you need to add a bit more excitement to your workouts. When you’re no longer finding joy in your usual activities, the best thing you can do is say goodbye to them for now and try out some of these unconventional fitness activities.

Aerial Yoga

Everyone is familiar with traditional yoga, as well as the many benefits that have been associated with this such as mindfulness and centeredness, improvement in both strength and flexibility, and other benefits that extend to both your physical and mental health. Conventional yoga classes tend to be slower to encourage practitioners to pay attention to their form and mindset, but this can undoubtedly get boring for some people.

Before you swear off yoga for the rest of your life, you should try attending an aerial yoga class first because you might find that it adds a new dimension of fun and difficulty to what you were used to. Aerial yoga requires you to be suspended from soft fabric hammocks as you perform familiar yoga poses, but the aerial aspect challenges your flexibility, balance, and strength like never before.


Many people believe that exercising should enhance your daily life, but nothing is exciting about running a few miles on a treadmill or lifting some weights back and forth. For some people, none of the traditional forms of exercise give them that rush of adrenaline that they’re looking for. It might also be hard to see how doing a few squats can really help you get around better, but this is something that’s at the very center of parkour.

Parkour is all about navigating all the obstacles in your environment with speed and efficiency. It’s a dynamic form of exercise that not only uniquely builds strength, but also enhances your agility and challenges your mental focus. Rather than just staying in place the way you do in the gym, you’ll be able to vault over walls, jump between platforms, and do some precision landing practice to help you develop your fitness, as well as creativity.

Pole Fitness

The stigma surrounding pole dancing is slowly being washed away as more women see it as a unique and artistic form of exercise. It combines everything you could want in a workout like strength, balance, and flexibility, while also allowing you to explore your creativity through dance. Beyond the physical benefits of this unconventional workout, many women have also found that it’s a great way to boost one’s confidence and build self-esteem.

Indoor Rock Climbing

Indoor rock climbing lets you scale walls of varying difficulty levels in a safe and controlled environment, which means that the risks of doing this outdoors are severely reduced or even removed altogether. Rock climbing will really push your entire body while forcing you to also exercise your problem-solving skills to get to the top.

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