Alex Cox Vallow Lori Details: Who Is Her Husbands? Then Read Story, Charles And Daybell Details, What Is Tammy Daybell Cause of Death?

This article is about Alex Cox Vallow Lori and other incidents that happened with them. Read more on this topic.

Do you want to know about Alex Cox? Are you interested to know about Lori Vallow? If so, read the article till the end. People of Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States eagerly await the documentary on Netflix.

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About the Documentary on Lori Vallow

Sins of Our Mother is a documentary based on a true story that is to appear on Netflix. Skye Borgman has directed the documentary. He had also directed Abducted in Plain Sight and Girl in the Picture. The documentary called Sins of Our Mother is about the incident of Chad Guy Daybell and Lori Vallow who was her fifth husband. It is about the couple who were accused of killing two of Lori’s children. One is Tylee Ryan, who is 16, and another is Joshua “JJ” Vallow, whose age is 7. Chad Guy Daybell was one of Lori Vallow Husbands who was also accused of the kill of his wife Tamy Daybell, who was 49 years old. The three episode of Sins of Mother are related to Lori’s older brother Alex who cooperated with the police. He told police that he had shot Charles Vallow to protect his sister.

How Did Tammy Daybeel Die?

Although the cause of death of Tammy Daybell was natural, her husband was charged with her kill. The autopsy revealed some other findings. Based on the results of the autopsy, Tammy’s husband had been charged with her kill. Therefore, Tammy Daybell Cause of Death is still under the shadow of a doubt. Chad Daybell married Lori after five weeks after the death of his wife. Lori Vallow is also accused of kill for being involved in the conspiracy to commit homicide at the end of Charles Vallow.

Who Was Alex Cox?

The older brother of Lori Vallow was Alex Cox. Alex has been popular since he shot dead Lori’s husband, Charles Vallow. Alex cooperated with the police by telling them the truth. He did not hide anything from the police, which effectively helped them solve everything associated with the story of Lory Vallow.

Lori Vallow Story

Alex is an important part of Lori’s story. He further stated and confessed before the police all the matter. But the incident was never confirmed. Cox had also been involved in the altercation with Lori’s husband earlier, which was not the first time. 

There is also the report of attacking Joseph Anthony Ryan in 2007. Ryan was the biological father of Tylee and adoptive father of Lori’s first son, Colby. Cox threatened to kill Ryan and was charged, after which he was imprisoned for 90 days. So, the incident between Charles and Lori Vallow was not new for Alex.

Tyle was seen for the last time with Alex before she went missing in September 2019. Later they remain of Tylee was found at the home of Chad Daybell. It was revealed from a forensic test of Alex Cox’s cellphone that showed he was at Daybell’s place on dates when Tylee and JJ were seen together.


The story of Alex Cox and Lori Vallow had been discussed after Netflix announced broadcasting the documentary. People are eagerly waiting to watch the documentary. There are many twists in the Lori Vallow Daybell story. To know more, please visit the link  

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