Bargain Hunt Presenter Murdered {Nov 2022} Read Info!

Please read this report to clear your doubts about Bargain Hunt Presenter Murdered related to the latest episode of a popular auction-based television program.

Do you like watching reality shows based on money and transactions? Then, you may be aware of a related program broadcast on BBC. So, please read this report to know more about this show. 

Today’s account focuses on the latest topic surrounding this television program. Viewers from the United Kingdom and Australia want to confirm if the discussion they are coming across is a fact or rumor. Hence, please read further to clear your query if Bargain Hunt Presenter Murdered.

Has the Presenter of Bargain Hunt been Murdered?

The latest episode of Bargain Hunt, broadcast on 12 September 2022, raised the subject query in many viewers’ minds. One of the contestants of the red team was seen strangling the antique expert, Charles Hanson. When people saw this scene on their screen, they thought the contestant, Steve, had murdered Charles. 

However, it soon became clear that Steve made this gesture with a sense of humor. He put his hands around Charles’ throat to show his frustration comically. Nonetheless, the captured action became viral, and people began searching if a participant had killed one of the presenters of Bargain Hunt. 

Why Bargain Hunt Presenter Murdered?

The two participants of the red team, Bill and Steve, are Charles Hanson’s friends. Charles was responsible for guiding both of them in the game’s auctions. He is an antique expert, and the contestants expected him to show them the correct path. However, the team ended up losing £115. 

The auction item was a Vesta case embossed with a golf picture dating back to the Edwardian era. The original price of this item was £220, and the red team bought it for £195. But, the duo could manage the selling price of only £80. Many viewers thought Bargain Hunt Presenter Murdered as Steve ‘strangled’ Charles. However, the fact is that the strangling action was a joke only to show that Steve blamed Charles for this massive loss. 

What is Bargain Hunt?

Bargain Hunt is an auction- and game-based television program broadcast on BBC One. It involves two teams, colored red and blue, each with two participants. Each team has to buy antiques from a fair or shop and then sell the items in an auction. The team that makes the maximum profit wins the contest. 

Previously, the show was presented by celebrities, but since 2016, an expert team has hosted the program. Thus, after the latest incident, people began looking for Bargain Hunt Presenter Murdered as Charles Hanson, an antique expert, was one of the presenters.

The show has had many formats in the daytime and primetime versions. Many celebrities have also participated in this show, such as Kelly Holmes, Henry Cooper, Kiki Dee, Julian Clary, etc. 

The Final Thoughts

It is clear from this report that Steve did not murder Charles Hanson. His gesture of strangling Charles was only a way to convey his disappointment, yet in a funny way. Thus, it is not related to crime but humor. Also, you may know about the costliest antiques in the world  with their prices.

Did you also mistakenly think Bargain Hunt Presenter Murdered? Please share below. 

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