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You might have heard a lot about the BTS band. BTS is a trendy South Korean K-POP band, and they have a significant fanbase in Japan, India, the United States, and Mexico.

BTS’ has a huge Fandom Army. BTS Army is considered the most extensive fan base in the world.

Therefore, proving their love for the band, the BTS fans created the “BTS Heardle” game.

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Who is BTS?

BTS is a seven-member K-pop band that first debuted in 2013. After which, they became famous everywhere.

The BTS stands for (Bangtan Sonyeondan) or (Beyond The Scene).

The group’s seven-member comprising RM, Jin, Suga, J-hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook, are breaking new records worldwide.

Before talking about BTS Heardle or Hurdle Game Today, let’s see what BTS ARMY is?

BTS’ Army?

Just like Lady Gaga’s fan club called “Little Monsters” or Justin Bieber’s fans as “Beliebers”, the BTS fans also have a unique name “BTS ARMY”.

Where ARMY stands for “Adorable Representative MC for Youth”.

Currently, the BTS is the most popular band all over the world.

Therefore, they have 60 million-plus followers on Instagram and 65 million-plus subscribers on YouTube.

However, the primary reason for their massive influence among youth is that they are different from other bands.

The message they provide on issues like bullying and mental health in their song while being entertaining is relatable and rare for everyone.

Bts Heardle Unlimited

BTS fan ARMY created an exciting game named “BTS Heardle” inspired by two words’ BTS and Wordle’. 

The game is inspired by the most popular game, ‘Wordle’. Josh Wardle developed this game for BTS fans. @BTSChartData account on tweeter puts essential info, updates, and hints about the game.

Like the Wordle, BTS Heardle gives daily opportunities to the fans who are followers of the band’s hits to guess the song by the septet.

However, Heardle also provides hints and a musical intro for each guess missing in Wordle. 

Similarly, trending ‘Hurdle’ or Bts Heardle Unlimited modelled after Wordle also let their fans decode five letter words connected to Buffalo Bills Football.

Public Reaction

Looking at the huge fan base and love, one could easily predict the amount of attention this game will get.

BTS ARMY couldn’t stop themselves from sharing their score on social media to compete and to prove their “true purple blood”.

While on the other hand, the hashtag about the same is also trending globally on Twitter.

A Twitter user wrote, “He loves the game as it played the song when they got it right.” 

Subsequently, “BTS Heardle”, “Wordle” and “Bts Heardle Unlimited

” became the hot topic on Social Media.

Final Verdict

BTS is one of the top k-pop boys bands from South Korea, which is famous worldwide.

According to reports, BTS Army is the world’s most extensive fan base.

And the game BTS Heardle and fan’s reaction to it is evident how far the band has come. BTS Heardle tests the love and knowledge of the fans about the band and their songs. 

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