Budzinski Daughter Accident (July 2022) Essential Facts!

This read-up mentions the recent Budzinski Daughter Accident details and gives a glimpse of Mark Budzinski’s family.


Have you ever experienced the loss of your loved ones? First-base coach Mark Budzinski is going through similar pain currently due to the loss of his eldest daughter.

Toronto-based professional baseball team, ‘Toronto Blue Jays, ‘is top-rated in countries like Canada, United States, etc. Budzinski has stepped away from the team as he is grieving over the loss of her daughter. Keep reading to know more on Budzinski Daughter Accident.

What exactly happened?

Julia Budzinski, daughter of Mark Budzinski, passed away on Saturday at 17. According to the family, she lost her life in a local boating accident.

As per some sources, Julia was tubing on the James River. Reportedly, she fell from her tube. The rest of the details are not disclosed yet. She was in a high school named Glen Allen High School based in Virginia.

The high school principal tweeted that the GAHS family is dealing with the loss of life of Julia Budzinski, one of their students.

More on Mark Budzinski Family

Mark Budzinski, a former baseball star icon of the University of Richmond, is the first base coach for Blue Jays’ and currently serving in his fourth season.

Julia Budzinski, his daughter, was actively involved in many sports like Varsity volleyball and varsity soccer for the Jaguars. She was also an academically strong student. In addition, she volunteered with several organizations and was a vice president National Honor Society of her school. Mark is married to Monica Budzinski. Along with Julia, he has two more children, Lily and Josh.

People are sharing their condolences as Blue Jays Coach Daughter Dies. Charlie Montoyo, Blue Jays manager, also said that his heart breaks for Mark’s family as a father and husband himself.

The Tampa Bay Rays and Blue Jays on Sunday mourned the loss of Julia and lined up before the match for a moment of silence.

Messages for Mark and his family

The Toronto Blue Jays took to Twitter and shared a video of the team paying their tribute. They captioned the video by saying their hearts are with the Budzinski family.

Executive Vice President of Toronto, Ross Atkins, expressed how the organization feels the devastating loss of a loved one, and they grieve alongside Mark and his family.

After the Budzinski Daughter Accident, her school organized an observance on Sunday at 7:30 pm in memory of Julia Budzinski.

Final Verdict 

To spend and accompany his family in this tough time, Mark Budzinski has stepped away as a base coach. He left during Saturday’s third-inning game.

Where and when the funeral will be arranged was undetermined by Sunday night. However, as Mark’s family is grieving over the loss, we wish them the strength and courage to handle the pain they are going through. May her soul rest in peace.

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