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In 2007, 16-year-old Daniel Petry tormented and killed his kid neighbor Caso Gabriel Kuhn Fotos Portal Zacarias. The wrongdoing produced public and worldwide uproar and brought up issues about the risks of online savagery.

The wrongdoing

The Caso Gabriel Kuhn Fotos Portal Zacarias. Daniel Petry, matured 16, tormented and killed Gabriel Kuhn, matured 12, in St Nick Catarina. The wrongdoing happened after a web-based conversation between the two, who were playing a similar internet game.


The wrongdoing produced public and global uproar. Daniel Petry was condemned to three years in an adolescent detainment place. The case likewise prompted the making of the Carolina Dieckmann Regulation, which rebuffs virtual savagery.

The entry

Entrance Zacarias is a site known for sharing rough and express satisfied. It was made in 1999 and, from that point forward, has been the objective of analysis and discussion. The site is in many cases blamed for advancing savagery and porn, and abusing copyright. In 2011, Gateway Zacarias was remembered for the rundown of denied sites by the Public Promoting Self-Guideline Committee (Conar).


Entry Zacarias has been faulted for a progression of unfortunate results. In 2010, a 17-year-old ended it all in the wake of seeing a video of torment and passing on the site. In 2011, a 12-year-old young lady was assaulted and killed by a man she met at Entryway Zacarias. These cases prompted requires the website to be closed down, however it stays online today.

Fate of the Entryway

The fate of Entryway Zacarias is unsure. The website stays on the web, yet faces various difficulties. Strain from specialists, analysis from society and rivalry from other brutal sites could prompt its conclusion. Be that as it may, the site likewise has a dedicated crowd, which shields its presence. It is not yet clear whether Entry Zacarias will actually want to endure these tensions and work.

Formation of New Regulations

The Gabriel Kuhn case likewise prompted the formation of new regulations to rebuff violations committed on the web. In 2008, Brazil supported the Carolina Dieckmann Regulation, which makes the spread of pictures or recordings of naked or semi-bare individuals without their assent a wrongdoing. In 2012, the Cybercrime Regulation was endorsed, which gives disciplines to violations, for example, hacking a PC gadget, information robbery and spreading infections.


The Caso Gabriel Kuhn Fotos Portal Zacarias. Guardians really must know about their kids’ web-based exercises and to converse with them about the dangers of the web. Schools likewise play a significant part to play in teaching understudies about safe web use. We as a whole need to cooperate to establish a more secure internet based climate for youngsters.

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