Generic Version {April} Check Out Details

What is Generic Version? What is it used for? Read this post and find answers to all these related questions.

Are you a tech-savvy person who always tries new tools and extensions that help ease your workload? Then, we have a web browser extension to talk about!

Browser extensions help users in better management and more efficiency in work. There are several types of extensions available in the market, and each extension serves a different purpose, for example, the Codeplug in chrome extension.

Whether you are from India or any other country, you might have seen the increasing fame of this browser. But what does Generic Version extension do? Let us find out!

About [Generic Version] Extension

This Generic Version extension is a trending chrome extension available in the Chrome Web Store.

The extension helps you solve biometric device problems with ease.

It is the ultimate biometric device accessibility or input resolution helper for your browser.

Users facing issues with smoothly using biometric devices may find this chrome extension helpful.

This extension has over 100,000+ users and was last updated by the developers in March 2022. It is 426 KB in size and can be installed on your browser for free. Generic Version website:

Yes, you read it right! There is an official website of, where you can find all the other details about this chrome browser extension.

The extension supports Startek, Secugen, Morpho, and Mantra as per this website. You can also check the list of all the websites supported by this extension in India.

Since the developers are still expanding and working on this extension, there are many more websites to be supported by it soon; you will find the list of these sites on the website too.

And if you have more queries regarding Generic Version, you can use the live chat option available on the website.

The authenticity of Codeplug. In:

Here are some details related to the authenticity/legitimacy of this website:

  • Domain age: this domain is 1 year and 2 months old since the owners registered it on 8 February 2021.
  • Domain expiration date: 8 February 2023
  • Trust score: 60% only
  • Alexa rank: # 269,896

By looking at all these details, the website seems to be suspicious. However, let us look at the user reviews to find more details about this chrome extension available on Chrome Web Store, Generic Version.

User reviews:

This extension has received a poor 2-star rating on Chrome Web Store.

The users have claimed that the extension does not work correctly and steals your personal information. They have also claimed that this extension is a scam, and if you put in your money in this extension, you will regret it.

However, a few users have claimed that this extension works most of the time appropriately.

Have you tried using this extension? Let us know your feedback about the same in the comment box!

Final Words: Generic Version is a popular browser extension; however, its user ratings and reviews point out that one should not trust this extension right away.

People have claimed that the extension steals your personal information and does not work even after payment.

Thus, please be careful while installing it on your browser as it might be a scam.

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