9 Installations to Consider to Modernize Your Home

The average annual growth rate of housing renovation is 4.4%. If you are also bored of the old style of your home, it’s time to add a hint of a modern touch!

You can also introduce your home to advanced modern installations and grab appreciation from your family and friends. 

So, here are all the installations to consider to bring your fantasy home to life!

1. Install water filtration systems

Research different types of water filtration systems, such as activated carbon filters, reverse osmosis systems, or whole-house filters. 

Determine where you want to install it. Common locations to install water filtration are under the sink, on the countertop, or near the main water supply. 

Turn off the main water supply to your home to prevent water flow during installation. If your filtration system has a drain line, connect it to the sink drain or other appropriate drainage point.  

Regularly monitor the filtration system’s performance and replace filters as the manufacturer recommends.

2. Install security cameras 

Determine the areas of your home that require security coverage, such as entry points, windows, and vulnerable areas. 

Select a security system that suits your needs, like DIY wireless systems, professional monitoring services, and smart home integrations. 

Attach door and window sensors to respective frames and openings. Ensure all components are properly powered. Test each component of the security system to ensure proper functionality. 

Trigger alarms, test motion sensors, and check camera feeds. Create an emergency contact list and discuss a response plan with family members in case of alarms.

3. Get a stone veneer

Ensure the surface where you’ll apply the stone veneer is clean, smooth, and free from dirt, dust, and debris. Measure this area to determine the number of materials you’ll need. Use a wire brush or chisel to create a more textured or weathered look.

4. Install energy-efficient appliances

Identify which appliances in your home are outdated and consume a significant amount of energy. Look for appliances that offer advanced features for energy savings and performance.  

Properly dispose of or recycle the old appliances according to local regulations. Track your energy consumption before and after installing the energy-efficient appliances to measure the impact on your utility bills.

5. Switch to slate roofs

Slate roofs are durable, fire-resistant, and energy-efficient. Slate also stands out, making your house look stunning.

So, check with your local authorities to obtain any required permits for roof replacement. Set a budget for the entire project. Choose high-quality slate tiles appropriate for your climate and home’s architectural style.

Hire the best slate roof installers to ensure a successful installation that enhances the beauty and longevity of your home with quality workmanship.

Get your slate roofing materials from the best suppliers out there. You can also ask the suppliers for recommendations to find good installers.

6. Install smart lighting solutions

Choose a smart lighting system that suits your needs. Options include smart bulbs, smart switches, and smart plugs. Consider compatibility with your home’s existing wiring and fixtures. 

Determine which rooms or areas you want to upgrade with smart lighting. Connect the smart switch to your smart hub or app and download it for your smart lighting system on your smartphone or tablet. 

7. Go for fiberglass entry doors

Select a fiberglass entry door that fits your home’s architectural style and dimensions. Consider features such as insulation, security, and aesthetics. 

Ensure the door is properly aligned within the frame, opens and closes smoothly, and sits flush against the weatherstripping. Open and close the door multiple times to ensure it operates smoothly and securely.

8. Install a kitchen backsplash

Select a backsplash material that complements your kitchen design and suits your cooking and cleaning habits. Tiles, glass, metal, and natural stone are some options. 

Measure the area where you’ll install it to determine the number of materials you’ll need.  

Safety goggles and gloves are recommended when cutting tiles near the tiles cutting process.  

9. Replace garage door

Choose a garage door that complements your home’s style. Confirm that safety features, such as the auto-reverse mechanism and photoelectric sensors, function correctly. 

Secure loose wires, clean the area, and remove any packaging materials.


Embrace these installations to transform your living space into a haven of contemporary style, enhanced functionality, and improved energy efficiency. 

So, don’t wait anymore and start building this modern and harmonious living environment.

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