DevOps Engineer Certification: Validate Your Skills and Boost Your Career Prospects

DevOps methodologies revolve around eliminating silos. An organization following the DevOps approach has the development and operations team collaborating on every process ranging from design and development to implementation. 

A DevOps engineer certification course is the ideal way for professionals to become efficient at deploying, maintaining, and evaluating cloud applications. Find out how pursuing a DevOps course would prove to be beneficial for your career. 

Improved skills and knowledge

The primary concept of DevOps is around entirely new decision-making methodologies and thought processes. DevOps provides many technical and financial benefits that, once learned, may be utilized in different organizations. A DevOps certification provides training regarding making professionals collaborate in cross-functional teams. These teams comprise multidisciplinary professionals like business analysts, quality assurance professionals, operations engineers, and developers.

Enhanced job opportunities

DevOps is a relatively fresh idea in the IT sphere. But a large number of firms are considering implementing DevOps methods and practices. It has resulted in a significant gap between the demand and availability of certified DevOps professionals. 

IT professionals can exploit the significant shortage of highly qualified employees by pursuing DevOps certification training. The certification will validate their skill sets in front of potential employers. This will secure and guarantee significantly improved work opportunities.

Lower risk of change

The IT sector has been traditionally resistant to change due to the fear of disrupting established company processes. This impediment to rapid advancement has been the root cause of various operational challenges. Change procedures were tracked and validated by introducing many layers of evaluation, review, and approval workflows. 

However, in today’s IT sector, change occurs at an accelerated rate, which is necessary to create high-quality products under tight schedules. All of this can be done while meeting the high expectations for speed and agility that IT firms have today.

Professionals trained under the best DevOps certification can help organizations smoothly adopt DevOps procedures. They can easily automate different areas in the product life cycle, ranging from the build to the run phase. The automation will be executed in an integrated process to eliminate the risk of change in business processes.

Greater salary

Organizations are rapidly incorporating DevOps best practices, contributing to the rising demand for DevOps engineers. Therefore, the pay of DevOps professionals is quite significant, and it is one of the highest-paid jobs in the world. Entry-level DevOps professionals in the US make up to $109,999 annually. Industry experts worldwide believe that the trend of higher salaries for DevOps professionals will remain consistent and sustainable.

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Software Stability and High Performance

A DevOps certification course teaches professionals to remain accountable while developing and running applications. DevOps teams in enterprises emphasize the objectives of stability, security, performance, user experience, and timely delivery to the market. With the help of DevOps principles, it can be ensured that different projects and processes can be monitored closely. Moreover, the DevOps team and the entire team are made to understand the impact of changes in different processes. 

DevOps guarantees software development at a faster pace without compromising performance and stability. A high level of stability and reliability can be achieved through a higher frequency of release cycles, enabling the instant identification and resolution of issues. It provides organizations more time to focus on innovations and advancements that can benefit the bottom line. 

DevOps methodologies are focused on allocating different roles to employees, which increases their functionality in the workforce. For instance, developers are also made to look after the operation of a software solution. Therefore, professionals with the best DevOps certification can help companies develop reliable and easy-to-use software solutions to meet customer expectations. 

Moreover, DevOps revolve around deploying automated quality assurance and release management methodologies. Therefore, businesses can discover ways of prioritizing backlogs and planning. Therefore, businesses don’t need to wait for release windows every quarter and can get hourly updates. 

Increased visibility for developing and securing modern applications

A DevOps certification course aims to increase collaboration and communication between the development and operations departments. It can lead to the shortening of product life cycles and increase the frequency at which release code goes into production. Implementing DevOps can help reduce months of work into a few hours.

Moreover, DevOps also makes it easy to identify defects during the QC and QA processes. Therefore, it is an opportunity for your business to stand out from competitors. 

DevOps can help organizations attain high productivity rates and witness a rise in market share and profitability. It helps businesses increase visibility in building, running, and securing modern applications. DevOps teams can bring modern applications to the market faster while abiding by stringent quality standards. 

Professionals with DevOps certification can leverage centralized log management and real-time machine analytics throughout the software lifecycle. It helps in the generation of valuable business insights. This revolutionary approach can transform business processes and help extract values from products faster. 

Greater productivity and efficiency

Conventional IT hubs are prone to downtime for waiting for other employees to deal with software-related issues. But DevOps can help reduce the time spent waiting for other employees. As DevOps professionals are trained to handle more responsibilities, the unproductive part of the development process gets eliminated. It can lead to greater productivity and brings value to the organization and its employees. 

Final words

A DevOps certification will bring value to one’s resume as an IT specialist and make one suitable for advanced career prospects. With high demand for their skills, DevOps professionals are likely to earn high compensation packages from leading organizations worldwide. Therefore, a DevOps course is a total win-win for everyone.

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