Did Taylor Swift Graduate College {May 2022} Know Here!

If you are a Taylor Swift fan, do you know about her recent achievements? Did Taylor Swift Graduate College? Please follow the article and stay tuned with us.

Are you a Taylor Swift fan? You know her for her pop music, but do you know anything about her college and degree? Do you love to enjoy her songs? If not, you are in the right place because today we will discuss Taylor Swift’s college and degree. 

Taylor Swift’s die-hard fans from various countries like the Philippines, the United States, Australia, and Canada were confused, Did Taylor Swift Graduate College. Now they will be very happy to hear some interesting news. What is that? Keep reading the article to discover the truth. 

About the college degree of Taylor Swift:

First, we would like to congratulate Taylor Swift on her big achievement. Do you know what the big achievement is? Recently, Taylor Swift received a doctorate degree from New York University. Isn’t it excellent news? Some time ago, Taylor joked with Vogue that she wanted to get a doctorate because Ed Sheeran also has a doctorate degree. She was excited about everything, like the gown, graduation cap, and speech. 

But if someone asks When Did Taylor Swift Graduate, you will be disappointed after knowing that Taylor Swift never went to college. Taylor Swift started her career as a singer at the age of 15. So, it’s understandable that completing her college would be very tough while focusing on her career. She completed her high school diploma from Aaron Academy, and she went to Hendersonville High School in Tennessee for two years. In a speech, Taylor said that she never went to college, and that’s why she didn’t have any normal college experience. She also mentioned that until tenth grade, she went to public high school, and after that, she finished her home schooled education. 

How Old Is Taylor Swift?

Taylor Swift is a 32-year-old American singer and songwriter who recently received an honorary doctorate from the very famous New York University.

Taylor Swift mentioned some funny incidents in a speech where she told the audience that she got a job on the radio after completing her schooling, which seemed very glamorous until she noticed that there are only motels and rental cars in reality. She also mentioned that she and her mother pretended to have terrible mother-daughter fights while traveling, so no one wanted the empty seat between them on Southwest.

Did Taylor Swift Graduate College?

No, she never went to college, but it doesn’t matter because she is a fabulous woman with great achievements. New York University is a big Taylor Swift fan, and the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music of the school launched a music course dedicated to Taylor Swift in January. She recently received an honorary doctorate from NYU, making her more special. 

Summing Up:

Taylor Swift is the only female singer who won the Grammy Award for Album of the Year three times. Click here to get detailed information about Taylor Swift. Did Taylor Swift Graduate College? No, because education can’t define a person. Taylor Swift was, is, and will always be a superstar. 

Are you happy with the achievement of Taylor Swift? Please comment below.

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