How to Be Happy: Simple Guide for Bringing Joy

What kind of article title is this? 

Who searches for this kind of thing, as being happy is not a challenging task? 

You must be thinking the same, right? 

According to Google results, “how to be happy” is a keyword with more than 20 thousand searches. It conveys that people look for it, as they want to explore other ways and get ideas to be immensely joyful. It is accurate that happiness can be found in little things, and everyone should do whatever makes them buoyant, but sometimes, it is just not enough, isn’t it? 

Hence, we are here to make it easier and help you, but remember that delight comes from within.

We are aware that happiness can predict well-being and longevity, and considering it a mode of measurement for every single thing might be slightly wrong, but being happy is surely significant and necessary. Joy, however, does not just come to you, as everybody has to make minor adjustments to their environment, behaviour, and relationships that can help them get started on the path to a happier existence. Let’s face it, every day cannot be filled with utmost bliss because life is full of ups and downs, and it requires them both to maintain the equilibrium. 

So, what little things can be done to add a boatload of happiness to your life? 

Everything depends on you, your perspective, your attitude towards something, and how you perceive things decide joy or sorrow in your life, which is why you should never forget to be optimistic in every circumstance. 

Humans have a tendency to ruminate on bad or negative thoughts, experiences or incidents instead of good ones, and we are indeed not encouraging you to forget about them. To be happy, you have to conquer negative thoughts; try not to push yourself about forgetting them; the more you force them to stop, the more rapidly they come. Treat yourself like a friend, meaning whenever feeling low or negative, ask yourself for the advice you would give your friend if they were in the same place. 

Constantly challenge your negative thoughts; it is known as Socratic questioning, wherein you write down your negative thoughts and ask a few questions. The purpose of it is to change your perceptions from negative to positive in a fact base or rational manner. How is it worthy? Is there any evidence about this thought? Would I see the situation differently if it happened to anybody else? Could others interpret it in another way? Is it possible that I need to be more accurate? These are a couple of questions that you can ask to keep the negative thoughts at bay. 

There is so much you can do to invoke a rush of happy hormones, and did you know that food also plays a significant role in changing or modifying our mood? Different cuisines or desserts are capable of making us happy. Sometimes, we feel blue, and nothing considerably big is bothering us, but we still feel heavy; for such times, eating our favourite dish, preferably cakes or desserts, brings pure bliss. You can bake a cake, place an online cake order, or cook your favourite snack to release happy hormones in your body. 

Jotting down your thoughts and mood helps, so we suggest you eat cake while penning down your story. It is backed by many research reports that writing down or journaling for 10 to 15 minutes daily leads to a healthy and happiness-filled mind. Try not to refrain from writing in detail, as elaborately explaining will allow you to focus on more points that might have been overlooked. Everyone has a different perspective to see the world, and concentrating on things and writing in a detailed manner will indeed clarify thoughts, hence bringing happiness by removing negative obstacles. 

The bottom line is that you should try not to let negative thoughts conquer your mind and do or eat things that bring happiness; as stated earlier, little things bring immense joy. Whenever feeling low, don’t sit idol; get moving, as being more active goes hand-in-hand with happiness and well-being. Practice optimism, hang out with more optimistic and positive people, eat a balanced diet, and conquer negative thoughts for a happy life

We wish you all the happiness in the world! 

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