Storage Worx Review: A Good Option to Consider

Self-storage units have become a need with the rise in urbanisationa and the population-bomb. Nowadays, people are looking for rental storage spaces to house their valuables and belongings for a short or long amount of time. It could be due to downsizing, or moving houses or just to free up some space in their homes and offices. 

Regardless of the reason, self-storage units in Canada, the USA, etc. are providing storage units for rental and meeting the demand. If you are looking for suitable self-storage units in London,Ontario. then you are at the right place.

I will be providing detailed information and review about one such storage in London, the Storage Worx Self Storage. This review will be divided into three parts: Their main website, their piercings and sizes, their reviews and online persona. So lets get going!

1. Their Main Website

The home page of their website is organised and easy to navigate. This earns companies an instant point from my perspective because messy unmaintained websites can be hellish to navigate. 

The first and foremost tool that pops up when you open the website is a button to view the rates and units, which we shall discuss about later in the second topic. For now, let us move on to the infographics which provide a brief introduction to the different features that the company provides. 


The list of features starts out with climate controlled units. These are specialised units used to store products which require specific temperatures to stay in optimal condition. Further on, this self storage units company in london also provides digital video recording and units which are equipped with heated slabs, as well as are accessible though cars. 

Each door of each unit has individual alarms to provide further protection against thefts. And the company also provides secure boat, Rv and vehicle parking. These are mostly standard features that every top self-storage company provides. 

But additionally, Storage Worx also gives customers the benefit of wifi at the business centre, for no additional cost. And as a bonus, dollies and carts are available at their facilities to further make storing and moving things convenient for the individual.

The companies access hours are 6 am to 10 pm everyday. And unlike most of even the best self storage companies, Storage Worx self storage does not take even Sundays off.


All these perks are indeed praise-worthy and make the company one of the top self storage companies in London. And many reputed Award organisations have recognised the same, which have glorified the company with a variety of awards. 

To name  a few, the self-storage unit company in London has to their name the Business Achievement Award of 2015, the Best of London awards for 2017 and 2018 which The London Free Press awarded them, Further, the self-storage company in London has also been the winner of Consumer Choice Awards of 2019 for 3 years.

On this basis alone, I think Storage Worx is at least one of, if not the best self storage company in London.

Bottom of the page links

At the very end of the home page, you will find a row of links each of which take you to different pages of the website. One of the more interesting ones is the Storage Tips which presents you with a plethora of tips about storage, inventory, packaging, accessibility, etc. 

There is also an FAQ page consisting of the most asked questions by the customers of the company, If you have a query and don’t want to ring them up just yet, consider checking out their FAQ section. Who knows, you may find the answer you are looking for. They also have a link to a very interesting tool in that same row- the Space estimator. 

It allows you to make a rough estimate of which unit will meet your storage requirements best. All you have to do is enter the number of things (furniture, appliances, and miscellaneous objects) you wish to store and the Space Estimator will give you a storage size which quite possibly might fit everything that you need to store. 

There is also a Size guide which has information about each unit size available and the prices of the same. Talking about which, let us move on to the sizes of units provided by the facility.

2. Their Sizes and Pricing

Their unit sizes start from 5’ x 5’ walk-in closet sized rooms. Depending on the features provided, the rate of each unit differs. The traditional indoor 5’ x 5’ unit with a heated slab is priced at $95/ month while the same sized unit with climate-controls, ground floor access and security alarms costs $100/ month.

The unit sizes range from 5’ x 5’ to as high as 20’ x 30’ ft storage units. Meanwhile medium sizes include 10’ x 10’, 10’ x 12’, 10’ x 14’, 10’ x 15’, etc. upto 10’ x 18’ and 10’ x 20’  storage units. There is one downside to this though. You need to call to inquire about the prices of some of the larger units. And the company can change the shown prices without prior notice. 

Customers can reserve an unit to lock the current price of that specific unit for upto 48 hours, but it would have been better if all the prices were provided as it would cut down on the additional task of calling.

3. Their Online Persona and Customer reviews

 A companies website and features hold a lot of weight in the decision-making process. But they do not provide any information about the quality of service of the company. Hence, the customer reviews of the company are an incredibly significant factor. 

Potential customers should be careful as to not overlook reviews in any case. As for Storage Worx reviews, they have a testimonial page. On this page, they display the comments that some of their customers have left them.  

Joan Ousey has left a review praising the companies cleanliness and ease of access for clients. She also seemed to have loved their exceptional customer service, along with their coffee and cookies! And likewise, a ton of other clients seem to be very pleased with their facility, hospitality and work.


Considering all sides, Storage Worx seems to be a good choice if you are looking for storage options in London. Consider calling them up and having a conversation about your needs and requirements. After all, experts know best!

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