3 Coins To Rally If Twitter Starts Crypto Payments – Read

Cryptocurrencies are now used in different sectors of everyday life. You can buy your daily services or products with the help of digital currencies. Many brands are facilitating Crypto payments as another payment method. Now, with the acquisition of Twitter by Elon Musk, enthusiasts are waiting to add Crypto as a payment option. Also, you can invest in Dogecoin or any other Crypto on bitcodemethods.com, the best trading platform. 

Before acquiring the brand, Elon announced that he will add Dogecoin as a payment method on Twitter. With this, you can avail of the blue services of the platform and make payments through Dogecoin. 

Will Cryptocurrencies Surge High If Twitter Adds The Option?

As Musk is now the owner and CEO of this platform, there is a higher chance that he will add Dogecoin and other Crypto to Twitter. Before he acquired the platform, he announced the addition of Dogecoin on the platform. And now that he is the CEO of the brand, there are high chances of him doing so! 

Also, he states that there will be a new subscription fee for Twitter users. With this news, mixed emotions are prevailing in the market. Many users are not willing to pay any kind of fee for using the platform. While it will be worthwhile to watch the situation after the introduction of this fee. 

In this case, experts believe that this fee will be a positive change for Twitter. As it will help generate decent revenue for the platform. And, the issues of content moderation will be no more! 

Also, before the acquisition, Musk was against the presence of spammy or bot accounts on Twitter. So, this fee will help in cutting down the number of such spam accounts. He wants to make the platform a more reliable one in the industry. For this subscription fee, the addition of Cryptocurrency has got a higher chance. This is so because Musk supports Crypto and that too, Dogecoin. 

Top 3 Crypto To Join The Payment Option On Twitter

With the news of the addition of Cryptocurrencies, there are higher chances of these coins getting benefits. Ran Neuner, who is a Crypto influencer, is a firm believer in certain stablecoins that will be added. If you are wondering which coins will lead the rally, read the blog. 

Though many digital currencies have the chance of earning the advantages, the top 3 Cryptocurrencies to join the rally are: 


It is the dominant or the king coin in the Cryptocurrency industry. BTC is the largest coin in terms of market capitalization makes it place in the top position. 

To make the payments easier and more reliable, BTC has a higher chance of getting added to Twitter. Also, as it has high utility and impact, BTC may be in the rally if this platform adds Crypto as a payment option. 


Elon has been supporting Dogecoin for a long time now. Even before acquiring Twitter, he announced adding it to Twitter as a payment mode. Also, for his brand Tesla, you can pay with Dogecoin for many of its products. 

So, with the introduction of a subscription fee, Dogecoin will find a special place on the platform. With this, the coin will face soaring demand and rally with the Crypto addition to Twitter. 


The second largest coin after BTC, ETH is on the verge of joining the success if Twitter adds Crypto. This is a quite popular project and many other fresh projects are built on this network. Also, this network is efficient and the fastest transactions take place here.

Considering these facts, Ethereum has the chance of getting entry as a payment option on Twitter.


After Musk’s takeover of Twitter, many changes are taking place. Your account may be linked with distal wallets and that may help in supporting your favorite personalities over the platform.

Also, with the help of digital currencies, Musk informs that, the issues of fake and bot accounts will be tackled. And, apart from the advertisement sources, he wants to maximize the revenue sources. You will have to pay a monthly fee on behalf of your Twitter account. So, adding Crypto will be a solution to all these factors.

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