A Comprehensive Guide to Vapour Cigar for Beginners

Vapour Cigar for Beginners: The use of vapour cigars is called vaping. It is the use of electronic devices that produce vapour from the electronic heating of e-liquid. The user needs to take a draw to produce vapour. It is a relatively new habit that many people indulge in when they want to kick smoking or want a leisure activity to keep them going.

The use of vapour cigars has become popular because it has many benefits as we are going to see shortly. If you have not tried this device, it is time that you try one today. That said, let us dive into this guide that will cover the benefits, types of vape devices, and how to buy a vapour cigar, among other things.

Benefits of a Vapour Cigar

  • A healthier alternative – The truth is that vaping has negative health effects. But they are fewer as compared to smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes with high levels of nicotine.
  • It is fun – Youths are getting into the use of cigar vape pens because it is a fun habit. Apart from the fancy e-cigarettes such as JUULs, e-hookahs, vape mods, and Xpods, many users find fun in blowing vapour and doing other tricks. 
  • It is a social habit – Vaping is more acceptable in society than smoking. Therefore, it is easy for people to meet in restaurants, cafes, bars, clubs, and other social places to enjoy vaping and catching up. Surprisingly, there are many vaping communities these days.
  • The devices are portable – You can easily travel with a vapour cigar these days, even when flying, especially if you can use it in your destination country. Manufacturers make small portable e-cigs and equip them with powerful batteries alongside other travel devices.
  • You can enjoy numerous flavors – One thing that has made vape pens popular is the ability to enjoy many flavors. A device with a refillable tank allows users to enjoy a plethora of flavors as they wish. They range from creamy to fruit and tobacco flavored e-juices.

Types of Vapour Cigars

Are you interested in buying a vapour cigar to enjoy the above benefits? As a newbie, it can be confusing, especially with all the options on the market today. Even though choosing an ePuffer vapor cigar is one of the best choices, you still need to know the variety of options you have. Here are the popular options:

  • Pod vapes – These are simple, portable, and fancy electronic cigarettes preferred by young people. They resemble a USB flash stick and may come with spare pods that are already refilled. You can buy more pods with the e-juice of your choice. The device is charged via a USB-A or USB-C port.
  • Vape mods – If you are looking for a great refillable e-cigar, buying a vape mod is the best option. It is the most advanced of all types, and of course, the biggest because it has a sophisticated mechanism. It has a large tank and a battery to keep you vaping for long, and the fact that you can enjoy many settings makes it the best.
  • Cigar-like vape kit – These resemble traditional tobacco cigarettes and they are sometimes disposable. When choosing one, you need to be sure of what you want to avoid the disposable cigar-like kits when you need the reusable option. Also, check the prefilled e-juice well to ensure you have a flavor of your choice.
  • E-hookah – This is an advanced electronic device that is used more during a social event. It has the same mechanism as any other vapour cigar but has a couple of mouthpieces where long straws are attached for different people to make draws.

How to Buy a Vapour Cigar

If you are interested in buying a vapour cigar for starters, you should know how to go about it. Now that you know the options, it is time to make the right decision regardless of your choice.

  • Choose the vapour cigar you want – You should choose among the options we’ve discussed or any other according to your needs. For starters, the best cigar e-cig to go for are the simple ones like cigarlike devices, pod vapes, and less complicated vape pods. The good thing is that reputable manufacturers have kits that are recommended for newbies. 
  • Choose a brand – Manufacturers and brands make a difference. Superior brands have high-quality devices at affordable prices. They have a reputation for reliability, which is what a beginner wants to enjoy the first-time experience. 
  • Consider the features – The important features of a vapour cigar include the battery, tank, coil, e-juice, and design. Ensure that all of these features suit your needs well and that they are functional. For instance, when buying a rechargeable electronic cigar, you should that ensure it is compatible with USB ports in your charging devices.
  • Consider the cost – Electronic cigars for sale should be affordable, and so are the refillable juices. You can compare the prices of different sellers on the web or social media pages. This should not cost you an arm and a leg. However, always consider devices that offer value for money at all times.
  • Consider the e-juice – Most vapour cigars use a variety of e-juices without a problem. However, there could be limitations to some, such as dry-herb vaping devices. You have to ensure that you buy the right device to avoid frustrations after buying. This is one of the features you should consider. 

Taking Care of a Vapour Cigar

To enjoy your vaping device more, you should take care of it. All of the instructions on how to refill, use, store, and clean and shared by the manufacturer through a manual. It is better to follow this for the best vapour production.

You also need to take care of your coil and wick by using the right and high-quality vape juice at all times. If you are not sure, it is important to ask an expert or someone- with experience in using a vapour cigar.


Even as a newbie, you can enjoy a vapour cigar and reduce the risks caused by high levels of nicotine and other chemicals in traditional cigarettes. Now that you have a lot of insights, it is time to start using a vape pen of your choice. The web will help you with a lot more information and even leads on where to buy the device affordably. Enjoy. 

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