Woman Drowns Kids {Sep 2022} Know The Incident Here!

This article will teach you about a Woman Drowns Kids at the beach. All three bodies were reported below the 7-year age. Read further.

Do you know a woman who killed her children by drowning them? Why did the woman do that? On Monday morning, a terrifying report came in New York City where a woman had drowned her three children to death. The media of Canada and the United States were reporting about this crazy lady.

The Police Department found the lady soaking wet, walking on the street barefoot. To get complete info on Woman Drowns Kids, read the passage thoroughly.

The Recent Crime Scene of The Woman

30-year-old lady Erin Merdy was found walking barefoot on the streets and soaking wet in a bathrobe when Cops saw the lady. She stated that she killed her 3 children near the beach. After hearing that, Erin Police went on the search for the children. After searching they found the bodies two miles away on the west side of the beach near 35th Street of Coney Island.

Instantly authorities drove different safety measures to save those kids using CPR and immediately called the ambulance and shifted them to the hospital on Coney Island. 

Mother Drowns Kids 

It is very shameful for a mother to kill her children. However, during the investigation, a woman states that it is simple for a community and a mother to kill their children.

The chief of NYPD, Kenneth Corey, stated that they found a children’s body near the beach. On identification, they found a 3-month newborn baby Oliver Bondarev, a 4-year-old girl Lilana Murdey and the eldest kid Zachary Murdey, 7 years old. Zachary is also a rising football star mentioned by the neighbours and his football coach. 

Case Statements

Mom Drowns 3 Kids is a very tragic act. The surprising part is that no one from the neighbours and society is confronting the lady trying to kill her children. Only a brave woman testified that some suspicious activity was running in the house. However, the mother confesses that she killed her children in the police statement.

The aunt of Erin Murdey, Dine Stephen, gave a statement that the mother was struggling and was suffering from a mental illness. She also mentioned that the family is suffering a mental illness in varying degrees and was in struggle to cure this circumstances. Mother Drowns 3 Children is very disgraceful for the community and the society. No one from the community supports this kind of behaviour. Erin was broken, drowning her kids, but she couldn’t redo the worst.


A terrifying incident happened in New York where a woman killed her children by drowning them in the water at the beach. All the kids reported are below 7 years old. What is your opinion regarding this incident? Share your thoughts below. To read more on Woman Drowns Kids, you can open the given link and explore the death of children  

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