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The article helps the Write for Us + Blockchain Guest Post contributors to present the articles according to the expectations of the Florencetrust website.

Have you heard of the recent downfall of NFT’s performance? Are you someone who stays up to date on the latest developments in the practical applications of blockchain technology? Can you explain the principles and workings of the blockchain more simply? Then the Florencetrust team honors your interest and skills, and we invite you to take part in writing Write for Us + Blockchain Guest Post articles for our platform.

Introduction to our website

Florencetrust.org is the platform from which we incorporate transparent methodologies in communicating our information; we do not use any editing filters to conceal the truth from our readers. Thus, our readers can get exclusive and complete information about their search query. All of our articles, including those about Blockchain + Write for Us articles have received more monthly impressions, indicating that we have earned the trust of our genuine readers. Though we began as a review platform, we have learned to evolve, and we are now focusing on topics such as

  • Cryptocurrency
  • Blockchain
  • CBD
  • Product reviews
  • Website reviews
  • Shopping Tips
  • Entertainment
  • Education
  • NGO
  • Technology
  • Sports

Write for Us + Blockchain Writer’s essentialities

Blockchain acts as a distributed database and digital ledger, storing all its information in a digital format. It is known for its decentralized behavior in its transactions. Currently, blockchain technology applications are hitting the headlines of daily newspapers. And some basic terms of its technology should be defined for our “Write for Us” + Blockchain readers.

As a result, it will assist them in learning about new updates and the actual process behind them. Thus, we require the guest post contributors to present the topic practically, making it more helpful for their day-to-day lives. The writers should not choose a conventional presentation topic because their choice may not meet our standards for the “Write for Us” + “Blockchain” topic selection.

  • Certified professionals can use blockchain technology uses to share their in-depth knowledge with our readers.
  • Graduates of blockchain technology can address the BC technology’s fundamental terms.
  • We expect individuals with more experience in blockchain technology and its associated products.
  • The guest post writer should have excellent writing skills.

Write for Us Blockchain articles Topics of suggestion

We would like to present our team’s expectations on choosing the topics, and they are

  • What are the similarities and differences between conventional databases and blockchain technology?
  • The Internet of Things (IoT) and its relationship to blockchain technology
  • The future scope of blockchain technologies
  • How is blockchain going to revolutionize government services?
  • Present and practical applications of BC

Blockchain Write for Us article Formatting and presentation guidelines

  • The articles should have a mix of technical aspects, but if they are presented in full-fledged technical ways, the readers will struggle to understand them.
  • The information has to be conveyed more clearly and understandably.
  • The guest post shouldn’t copy anyone’s findings or work. Write for Us+ Blockchain authors are free to take the inspiration, but please don’t plagiarise it.
  • There should be no grammatical or spelling errors in the articles, and they should be presented more clearly.
  • Avoid using too many passive voice sentences; set the limit at 10% of its usage.
  • The guest post writers can use transition words in their articles for easy understanding.

“Write for Us” + Blockchain articles SEO guidelines

  • The guest post authors have to use high-score SEO keywords in their articles. They can use search engines to find high-score keywords.
  • The writers should highlight the keywords separately and use the keywords’ density according to the articles’ word limit.
  • A higher spam value of the article may affect the Google rankings, so keep the limit at 7 to 8%.

Blockchain + “Write for Us” authors Benefits

  • We have skilled professionals to assist the guest post writers, and they can be approached at any point to clear their doubts.
  • All our content is SEO optimized to reach a larger audience and receive more impressions.
  • Our team has its newsletter subscription utility for sending updates to our readers’ email addresses. Thus, all our guest post authors’ work will also be sent to their email addresses. So, there is a high chance that many people will recognize their work.

How to submit Blockchain “Write for Us” articles?

The guest post contributors can share their completed works at this Email Address: [infoflorencetrust@gmail.com]

All the writers are requested to share their contact details along with the submission of their articles. It will help us reach you sooner.


If you have strong knowledge in the field of blockchain technology and can create engaging and informative content for our Write for Us + Blockchain Guest Post readers, then make a bold attempt at submitting this Blockchain guest post article. Your true efforts and knowledge will be highly appreciated and recognized, so come witness it.

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