How to Ensure That Your Vehicle Is Kept Within the Law

You must try to keep your vehicle legal. For instance, driving a vehicle with illegal tyre tread could have you receiving an unwelcome fine, especially if you have been warned about it previously. 

Laws are there to protect, and when it comes to road laws, they can help reduce accidents and fatalities. They are not in place as an inconvenience or to be broken, but as protection for yourself and other road users. You will find in general that it costs far less to keep on top of vehicle maintenance than leaving it for another day or until you get caught.

#1 General Maintenance

Of course, there are varying levels of maintenance that you will need to either perform or have done to your vehicles.

To Do Yourself

Jobs that you can do yourself are the easy checking of the tyre pressures and tread depth. Keeping a close eye on engine oil, screen wash, and battery charging. Not to mention, using the correct fuel when filling up at the local petrol station.

Professional Servicing

However, there are other checks that you will need to get an expert involved in and this is when you should take it into a garage for a service. These checks can involve oil filter changing, and sometimes, the oil if it is unsuitable, and safety checks will also be carried out alongside lubricating any moving parts. You will also find that there will be some in-depth checks to make sure that you have no leaks or damage to the tubing. A full service will entail other checks, such as a detailed engine inspection among other areas. 

#2 MOT Certification   

You should always make sure that you have a valid MOT certificate. This is your proof to say that your vehicle is roadworthy. It is likely that from time to time you will have advisories added to your MOT, such as tyre replacement. Although these may not need to be done immediately, you should get them done as soon as you possibly can to keep your vehicle within the limits of the law.

Many garages across the UK can provide you with an MOT if you need one. It is a good idea to source a garage that is local to you, such as searching for MOT Nottingham, if you work or live in Nottingham. It is important to realise that any pricing given in large bold fonts are for the MOT certificate itself and do not include any work that you may need to be done to get your car through the MOT. 

#3 Motor Insurance

Alongside this, you are also going to require some motor insurance. This will protect you should you be involved in an accident or for that matter are the cause of one. Driving without insurance is illegal in the UK and you can not only receive a hefty fine but also have your license revoked. You also, in some cases, have your vehicle impounded and destroyed.

As there have been over 137,000 vehicles seized across the UK in 2019 (according to Motor Insurers Bureau) due to the drivers having no insurance, you should not think that it will not happen to you or that the authorities are not actively looking for uninsured drivers.

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