Best Apps For Home Students

Technology helps us grow. It enables us to do more and better for ourselves and the surrounding earth. And what is better than learning to be a successful student? From smartphones to projectors to streaming services, technology helps students in more ways than one. Statistics from not long ago show more than 70% of households in the United States have access to high-speed internet for the purpose of learning. Also, in a week, students were seen achieving better academic results with just 50-minute use of a technological device. 

That is how big of an impact technology has on students’ lives. The first and biggest is the ease of communication. With mobile phones and computer systems, we can build valuable connections and stay in touch with them through various stages. Moreover, it makes sharing notes, presentations, lectures, and audio or video guides faster and easier. Not only that, but technology has introduced applications that help students learn better and be more productive. And today, we have rounded up a list of the best apps for learning and education, specifically catered to students. Every app has unique features that take care of some part of a student’s journey. And if used together, it can be a complete classroom experience with study and activities all in one. Read on because even if you are not a student, these apps are for everyone, and they work like a charm.


It is hard to remember everything. So, bringing you Evernote. A smart, concise, and best note-taking app for computer systems and mobile phones. It makes everything easier to organize and manage, whether it is a course outline or full-length assignments. 

Evernote improves productivity and helps manage everything and be well on track. Moreover, you can take notes in various formats (text, sketch, photo, audio, and video) and create to-do lists to the process more efficient. Finally, you can easily connect different devices to sync notes and share.  

Vocabulary Builder

Learning never stops, and vocabulary is something that the more you expand, the better. So, if you want to be proficient in English, Vocabulary Builder is available for you on Android and iOS devices. It has several features, including word of the day, quizzes, and search, to enable more efficient learning. 

With Vocabulary Builder, you can make progress toward your desired level regularly. Moreover, it also has quick access features and activities to refresh memory. 

PDF Reader Pro

Most of the time, notes, assignments, books, and many other text formats are in PDF format. Although there are many PDF file viewers, PDF Reader Pro stands out as the best. It has several features, including the option to add comments, fill documents, e-signature, view PDF as a slideshow, and many more. 

A clean and complete PDF reader app that can save time and make studying easier. Moreover, you can point out important points, highlight segments, and add notes and quotes, to make it easier for others too.  

Google Calendar

Since you are making notes, handling courses, managing assignments, and taking care of lectures, you must surely have a lot on your plate. Now you can splash those plate contents on the Google Calendar. 

It is a clean, advanced, and descriptive task manager with various important features. You can schedule meetings and classes, save important dates, and manage everything from mobile, tablet, or computer efficiently and effectively. 

Google Classroom

Available as a website, Android app, and iOS app, Google Classroom is a creative platform for teachers. It can help manage workflow and build communications with students. And it has a colored organizer to distinguish classes and courses with ease. 

The main dashboard contains the necessary information like announcements and discussions. Moreover, it also has a Classwork page where you can add links, videos, and documents for reference. Also, it has task creators and trackers to help both students and teachers keep up with the study.


Creating, sharing, and learning from study materials has never been easier than it is with StudyBlue. It has the largest library of flashcards, notes, and guides from students for students – all over the world.

StudyBlue gives access to more than 400 million such study materials right on your phone or tablet. It is a great addition to a student’s life as it aids with studying and memorization. Moreover, you can even create custom quizzes, set timers, and track progress all in one.

Final Thoughts

Although all these apps are a great addition to a student’s life, accessing and working on most of them requires a stable internet connection. For that, there are several choices, but our recommendations involve Suddenlink internet. For more information about their plans and pricing, click here to reach their customer support.

With that out of the way, you can freely use these and many more apps to improve your study and learning. A student’s life is already tough – make it easier with these handy tools.

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