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Canada Conservative Leadership Election has all the details of the leadership event scheduled for today as the party look to announce its new leader.

Will the Conservative Party keep on their electoral process for the new head? The election for the country’s Conservative Party Leader ended on Tuesday with record voter turnout. People in the United States and Canada are mourning the death of Queen Elizabeth II. The Canadian government has announced a ten-day national mourning period.

Queen Elizabeth II is the longest-ruling monarch in the history of the country. Will the mourning period affect the Canada Conservative Leadership Election process, or will it go as planned?

Is the Canada Conservative Party Leader election delayed?

The party spokesperson announced that the new leader’s election process would go on with some changes. The voting for a new Conservative leader ended on Tuesday with a 65% voter turnout, the largest in recent times. There were  6 78 702 eligible voters, out of that 4 00 000 voted for the party leader, a big positive for the party.

The party leadership event will take place at Ottawa Shaw Center on Saturday, but as national mourning goes on, it will be more respectful.

Conservative Leadership Race:

The month-long election for the Conservative party has ended, and the eligible voter has cast their vote. According to the party spokesperson, voter turnout is the biggest in the country’s history for electing a party leader, and it appears that people are planning to give the conservative party a chance in the next election.

Five candidates are fighting for the party leadership post; three are Members of Parliament from the Conservative party, namely Leslyn Lewis, Pierre Poilievre, and Scott Aitchison. Quebec head Jean Charest and Roman Baber are the other two in the race. 

Conservative Leadership Race Odds favor Pierre Poilievre as 37% of conservative voters are backing him for the top post. He is also popular among the party members for his sharp attack on policies of the liberal party. Most Canadians surveyed do not know the other members; therefore, the primary fight could be between Jean Charest and Pierre Poilievre.

What changes can we expect in the Leadership Event?

  • The 10th September event will be somber.
  • The big confetti gun event was canceled.
  • It will open with a tribute to Queen Elizabeth II.
  • More people can be seen in black dress.

Who Won the Conservative Leadership Race?

The election for the Conservative party leader was last held in the year 2020 after the resignation of Andrew Scheer. Four leading contenders for the top post were Erin O’Toole, Mackay Peter, Sloan Derek, and Leslyn Lewis, and. 

The election was held by postal ballot, and the result was announced on 23rd August 2020. Erin O’Toole won the race in the second and third rounds, while Peter Mackay finished in second place.

Final verdict:

The Conservative party has not rescheduled its leadership event,     and they expect to get a new leader for the party as counting for Conservative Party Leadership Election ends today. The election result will be announced on 10th September at 6 PM at Ottawa Shaw Centre. 

Will Pierre Poilievre win the party leadership race? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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