Comox Fireworks {August 2022} Excited About Celebration?

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The Comox Fireworks festival is celebrated every year. It includes a lot of fun activities. People from Canada and other areas wait to participate in this festival. Let us discuss this festival and how people celebrate it a bit more.

Here is everything you should know.

About the festival

Everyone can be seen discussing this festival nowadays. Why are people talking about this? Why and when is it celebrated? What makes them so excited to be a part of this fireworks show? Let’s find out.

On the first Monday of august, BC day, British Columbia day is celebrated. The BC Day Fireworks Comox was celebrated from July 30 to August 1, 2022, in Marina Park, Canada. 

BC symbolizes the Province of British Columbia. It is a holiday, and Canadians can celebrate their achievements with their family and friends. Music and firework show was the main theme of the festival.

It was Comox Nautical Days’ 64th Anniversary. Local people, along with other areas, gather to celebrate this day.

Let us see what events are held and how is it celebrated.

How is it celebrated?

This festival includes various fun activities. For example, if we talk about 2022, the BC day parade was held with a vintage car show.

Comox Fireworks show was on Monday night.

There were different rides, crafts and games for the children. Kids and family enjoyed the Rotary splash park and playground. Food trucks were there to quench everyone’s appetite. Craft booths were also available from where one can shop for different craft products. 

The HMCS Quadra Cadet marching band entered first in the BC parade. It was a colourful parade with The Shriners’ go-karts, Comox Fire Rescue mascot, Sparky etc. The parade attendees were enjoying the parade.

We can say that it is a Free festival for family fun. So let’s see why this festival is famous.

Why is the Comox Fireworks festival famous?

This time people were more excited as the festival was returning after two years of absence due to COVID.

The fun activities at the festival are for every age group. People get a chance to go out and enjoy these colourful and fabulous shows.

Food, music and fireworks are special about this festival, and how can we forget everyone’s favourite BC day parade? 

It is a fun event that anyone would love to join.


We found that the festival’s main highlights were the lights and fireworks. It was a fun gathering that everyone enjoyed.

Click this link to see pictures from the BC day parade.

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