Eclipse Conspiracy 2024 Reddit: What Time Is the Solar Eclipse 2024? Find Here

Several claims of Eclipse Conspiracy 2024 Reddit recently surfaced when many online viewers associated the momentum with a massive human sacrifice event.

Thousands of users initiated and joined the conversation and debates online after the 2024 solar eclipse was associated with a massive human sacrifice event. The conspiracy theorists claimed it was the beginning of an event where human sacrifices would be made.

Various speculations and claims by online users and individuals across the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and many other global areas have acquired popularity on social media sites, including Reddit, considering the lack of trustworthy proof. 

The fact check compilation may assist you in learning about the claims and dispelling myths and conspiracies spurred by the 2024 solar eclipse. 

Eclipse Conspiracy 2024 Reddit:

The worldwide web is exploding with ideas ahead of a complete solar eclipse where claims have been made for massive human sacrifice.

Conspiracy theorists recently claimed that the 2024 complete solar eclipse would begin human sacrifices. Their claims also indicated that an earthquake with an epicentre in SoCal could occur, which would be 20 times greater than the New Madrid Fault Line earthquake.

Their theories also mentioned the major life disaster for the American region due to the complete solar eclipse. The theory indicated that this loss is something human-made that humans could make appear entirely natural to set off that fault line.

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What Time Is the Solar Eclipse 2024?

The 2024 eclipse has made many theorists form conspiracies as they associate it with the beginning of human sacrifice. The day is Monday, April 8, 2024 when a complete solar eclipse over the North American region 

It will provide millions of people with a unique chance to witness the moon’s shadow over the sun. The eclipse will begin at midnight as per the different times in the American region. After the eclipse is over, there might be a partial solar eclipse in about fifteen states of the American region.

What Time Is the Solar Eclipse 2024
What Time Is the Solar Eclipse 2024

Solar Eclipse 2024 Path:

The route of the solar eclipse is predicted to coincide with a disaster caused by the New Madrid Fault Line. Watchers in any other state in the continent of America will be exposed to a partial solar eclipse. 

Some of the sun’s light is obscured by the moon’s appearance, as though it is biting into the sun. A solar eclipse is unlikely to cause an earthquake because it has no bearing on that process.

By chance, the eclipse’s path passes through a tiny portion of eastern Canada, Mexico, and fifteen states in the US. Scientifically, the fault lines are unaffected geologically by the junction of eclipse trajectories.

Solar eclipse 2024 time:

  • There will be a partial solar eclipse in Cleveland from 1:59 PM ET to 3:13 PM ET.
  • The totality will occur at 1:40 PM CT after a partial eclipse that starts at 12:23 PM CT in Dallas.
  • Totality will occur at 3:27 PM ET, with a partial eclipse starting at 2:16 PM ET in Lancaster, New Hampshire.
  • A partial solar eclipse will begin in Buffalo, New York, at 2:04 PM ET and end at 3:18 PM.
  • Totality will occur at 1:51 PM CT, with a partial eclipse starting at 12:33 PM CT in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Theories that associate the eclipse with a gateway emerging and “having a magic ritual” have multiplied, as does the claim that the moon isn’t truly aligned.

Many people are flocking to see the eclipse, but some have taken to believing that it is connected to some evil force. To know more, click here With the potential to gloom many millions of US households on April 8, the complete solar eclipse is generating a lot of hype on social media.

The claims of Eclipse Conspiracy 2024 Reddit are utterly false, as scientifically, nothing such theories have been proven right.

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