Mike Lindell New Wife Photos: Is He Married? Find Details On Karen Dickey

The article on Mike Lindell New Wife Photos explains Mike Lindell and his marriage. Read more details on his new wife and his biography.

The news of Mike Lindell’s second marriage photos was spreading on social media platforms. The CEO of MyPillow and famous entrepreneur Mike Lindell has become popular in the entrepreneurship community. 

Lindell, who is known for his modern bedding items and outspoken political opinions, has frequently captured the public’s interest. People from the United States and Saudi Arabia are looking for photos of his new wife. 

Despite his career success, there has been interest in his personal life, precisely his marital status. In this piece, we explore Mike Lindell’s life, providing insight into his recent marriage, exciting facts, and frequently asked questions.

Mike Lindell New Wife Photos

Lindell has two marriages under her belt. After almost 20 years, he filed for divorce from his initial marriage, from which he had children. June 2013 saw him tie the knot with Dallas Yocum, and when she left him in the middle of July 2013, he filed for separation. Lindell mentioned that they had signed a prenuptial contract. 

About Mike Lindell New Wife Photos
About Mike Lindell New Wife Photos

 In 2019, Lindell, an evangelical Christian, received a doctorate of honor in business administration from Liberty College. The president of Liberty University’s Department of Business, Dave Brat, referred to Lindell as a single of the finest Christian businesspeople on this planet when he gave the award.

Lindell donated 12,000 pillows to the event, which was worth approximately $600,000. What Are the Chances was a book that Lindell published his own in the same year. From Crack User to CEO, he describes how he beat his habit overnight and gives thanks to God for helping him start his pillow company.

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Mike Lindell’s Wife Karen Dickey

As per sources, Mike divorced Lindell after 20 years of their relationship. According to online sources from January 2021. Lindell dated actress Jane Krakowski for nine months that starting in late 2019 and ending in the summer of 2020. Krakowski and Lindell rejected the charge. As per sources, Lindell challenged the Daily Mail, claiming libel, with legal representation from Charles Harder. 

In December 2021, the United States Supreme Court dismissed the complaint on the grounds that Lindell had not produced any evidence of remarks. Lindell announced on The Domenick Nati Program in March 2021 that he was moving out of Minnesota and would no longer attend live events due to safety concerns.

Mike Lindell's Wife Karen Dickey
Mike Lindell’s Wife Karen Dickey


  • Name: Mike Lindell
  • Age: 62 years
  • Year of Birth: June 28, 1961
  • Spouses: Karen Dickey (Divorced) and Dallas Yocum.
  • Children: 4 Heather, Lizzy, Darren, and Charlie
  • Net Worth: $40 Million 
  • Height: 6’1″

 Who is Mike Lindell?

In 1961, Lindell was born in Mankato, Minnesota. He grew up in the Minnesota towns of Chaska and Carver. When Lindell was a teenager. His addiction to betting first surfaced. After high school. He enrolled at the University of Minnesota but left after a few months to pursue his studies. 

Lindell developed an addiction to toxic substance and started using it often. In the 1990s, he resorted to crack toxic substance, which made his dependency worse. Lindell was running up debt from gaming as well. His property was seized, and his wife filed for divorce because of the amassing of his habits during the 1980s and 1990s. In 2009, Lindell claimed to have become sober by prayer.

Update on the Mike Lindell 

Photos of Mike Lindell’s new wife is spreading on social media platforms. People are looking for more details about his marriage. Get more updates on his marriage online.

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