Rice Purity Test.com: Check Its Legitimacy & Customer Opinion On Reddit

This research on Rice Purity test.com will help you to get all the important facts about the Rice Purity Test and how it works.

College life is one of the best life, but some people may not enjoy it to the fullest. The Rice Purity Test website which is popular in Nigeria, Ghana, Jamaica, and the United States can tell you if you have enjoyed your college life to the fullest.

About Rice Purity test.com! 

The Rice Purity Test website helps to know if one has lived their college life and enjoyed it or not. It helps the O-Week Group students to bond and this opportunity is voluntary. 

The O-week groups can bond and one can also track the level of their maturation during the college phase. They have mentioned various points that you may have done or not in your college life. 

Options like Have you been in a relationship, held hands romantically, been on a date, shared or received explicit pictures, etc are there and if you have done those things then you need to select those options. 

It will tell you if you have enjoyed your college days based on these parameters and also score your maturity level.

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Ricepuritytest.com Reddit!

Many people are taking this test to know their purity level. This site has become a trending source for judging the maturity level. 

On Reddit, we have seen users sharing their opinions on this domain. People have been commenting on the options they have provided. 

A few users wrote that they were the ones who had not done most of the things in their college days. So, we could see mixed opinions of the users on Reddit.

Legitimacy of the Rice Purity Test website! 

The readers must learn the facts about the authenticity of the Rice Purity test.com. They can take up the test but they should know if they have been providing the facts to the readers with pure intention or not.

In this section, we have described the authenticity of the Rice Purity Test website so that they can know the factors of the legitimacy. Please go through them: 

  • Registration Date: August 16, 2012, is the creation date of the Rice Purity Test website. The domain is more than eleven years old.
  • Trust Index: The trust index on the Rice Purity Test website is 55.9/100. It is a mediocre score.
  • Phishing Score: We could not detect the phishing factor on the website.
  • Malware Score: The malware factor on the website could not be identified.
  • Data Safety: This website does not have the presence of an HTTPS server. It means it does not secure the data of the users. 
  • Reviews by the users: We could see the opinions of the users on Reddit which means people have taken up the challenge.
  • Social media page: We could not find the page of this website on any social media platform. But it seems like some people have posted videos taking up this test.

Inference from the website! 

The domain Rice Purity test has been an old website as its life expectancy is excellent. Moreover, the trust factor in the domain is average. 

Furthermore, we have learned that some people have taken up this challenge and shared their reviews on Reddit and some videos of people taking up the challenge were there. But, we did not find the social media channel of this website. 

Rice Purity Test
byu/fratthrowaway2016 inFrat

Keeping all the factors together, the website can be partially trustworthy. Moreover, one can take up this challenge as they do not ask for any personal details.

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