Hatay Secim Sonucu 2024: Details On Ankara Seçim Sonuçları 2024

Hatay Secim Sonucu 2024 has been completed recently and the result of the election is also released on the official website. Know the winner here.

Are you a citizen of Turkey? Are you interested in the Hatay election result? Hatay is a famous city in Turkey. The ongoing election in Hatay has made the public curious to know about their upcoming government. 

The elections are going on in several parts of the world. People Worldwide are curious to know the result of their particular state as it will decide whether the existing government will change or remain the same. Several parties took part in the Hatay election in 2024. The elections happened on 31 Match 2024. The vote counting of the election has started. So get all the details here.

Anka Hatay Seçim Sonuçları

The Hatay election of 2024 has completed its voting on 31 March 2024. The vote counting started as soon as the voting stopped. There were a total of 10 lakh 78 thousand and 130 voters who were eligible to cast their votes in the election. The votes cast from the total votes were eight lakh sixteen thousand, six hundred and sixty-five. 

Among these cast votes, seven lakh seventy-seven thousand seven hundred and forty-three votes were valid. There were thirty-eight thousand nine hundred twenty-two invalid votes. The participation rate of the public was 75.75%. The opened ballot boxes were 3426. Mehmet Onturk received the majority of the votes among all other participants.

Anka Hatay Seçim Sonuçları
Anka Hatay Seçim Sonuçları

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Ankara Seçim Sonuçları 2024

The 2024 election of Hatay was won by Mehmet Onturk. He received 345884 votes which is 44.47%. Mehmet is a Turkish politician. He received the majority of votes in the Hatay election in 2024. Mehmet was born on 18 March 1970 in Kırıkhan, Hatay, Turkey. His present age is 54 years. For the 24th, 25th, and 26th terms, he is a member of the Turkish Grand National Assembly. Mehmet is from the AK party. 

He completes his graduation from Çukurova University. Mehmut is in controversies nowadays as he has received a maximum number of votes in the Hatay election that has happened recently. The result of the election started counting from 31 March 2024. From around ten lakh votes approximately three lakh votes have been received by the politician Mehmet Onturk. There were twenty-four other members who competed in the election but lost.

Hatay Election all members

There were a total of 24 candidates who participated in the election. Two of these members were from the independent parties and 22 were from political parties. After Mehmet Onturk, Lutfu Savas received the maximum votes. There is a slight difference in the votes of Mehmet Onturk and Lutfu Savas. 

Lutfu has received three lakh forty-one thousand nine hundred and seventy-two votes which is 43.97%. There is only a difference of 0.50% between the votes of Mehmet and Onturk. 

The third candidate is Nuri Parlak who received 20 thousand 3 hundred 53 votes which is 2.62% of total votes. Since the highest votes were acquired by Mehmet Onturk he won the election of Hatay 2024. 

Summing up Hatay Election 2024

The 2024 Hatay election results are in front of the public. The election results are available on official websites such as Dailysabha. Through the voting, we can determine that the winner of the Hatay Municipal Mayoral election is Mehmet Onturk. 

The result is also published by several online websites. However, Mehmet has received approximately three lakh votes and won the election. You can visit this link to learn more details on the election.

Disclaimer: The result of the Hatay election is released on the official website and other social media websites as well. We have collected the information from trusted sources.

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