Gihan Mbelu Death Wife: Eloho Omame – Wiki, Age & Parents

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Gihan Mbelu Death Wife

Gihan Mbelu tied the knot with Eloho Omame, a former investment banker, tech entrepreneur, and private equity investor. Eloho is the managing director and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Endeavor in Nigeria. She is an MBA holder from London Business School and done her undergraduate degree (Economics) from the London School of Economics & Political Science. She also previously worked as a vice president at a global growth equity firm. Gihan Mbelu Death Wife is a prominent woman known for her entrepreneurship work.

Who was Gihan Mbelu?

Gihan Mbelu was VGC Chairman. He was born on 16 October 1982 and passed away on 26 April 2024. He was found dead in his car C300 4Matic at the age of 41 years. Lagos state police commands are profoundly investigating the case of the demise of Gihan. They discovered him unconscious in his car near the Victoria Garden City Vicinity of state, and at that time, his car’s engine was also running for a long time. This incident happened in the Ajah area.

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Eloho Omame: Biography:

Eloho Omame is a former private equity investor and investment banker. She is currently the CEO and Managing Director of Endeavor Nigeria. Endeavor is a global firm that is leading in high-impact entrepreneurship. She has around 20 years of career experience with multiple firms. She has previously worked with General Atlantic, First Bank of Nigeria Renaissance Capital, and Credit Suisse. She is an MBA holder and an undergraduate in economics. 

Her wording for a new start-up in tech is “Don’t stop or wait until you find all your answers.” Her age is around 40 years, according to one online source. More details about her exact age cannot be found on her profile or online.

Name:  Eloho Omame
Popularly Search as:

Top Ten Nigerian Women Running Businesses of Multimillion-Dollar

Birthdate: September 1980
Birthplace: Kaduna
Gender: Female
Nationality: Nigerian
Profession: Supporting Start-ups with high-impact entrepreneurship
Husband Gihan Mbelu


2 Daughters

Net Worth Not Available (Working for Multimillionaire firm)

What happened to Gihan Mbelu?

Gihan was found unconscious in his car on Friday, 26 April. The bystanders tried to rouse him, but they were unsuccessful, so they took him to the hospital. The hospital physician declared him dead and shifted him to the hospital’s morgue for further investigation. After that, the case was submitted to the police, and the police officials are committed to finding the exact cause of this untimely demise. Gihan Mbelu Death wife, Eloho, was also shocked. She has not stated anything yet to the media. According to one online source, Eloho was the daughter of Parents Zrubu and Zruba source. More information about her details cannot be found online.

Currently, there is no official statement from the Lagos state police. His memorial page is found on Forever Missed, describing her loving attitude. His belief in Love, Family, and Community are honored and respected there. The Wiki details of Gihan Mbelu and his wife are only available online. May the soul of Gihan live in peace.

In memory of Gihan Mbelu:

Gihan Mbelu, VGC Chairman, was found dead on 26 April in his car. He was only 41 years old. His untimely demise has shocked his family. Gihan Mbelu Death Wife, Eloho Omame is a known CEO and director of Endeavour. The Lagon police officials are investigating his husband’s death case. I hope, soon, the reason for his death will be available to us. We will update you once any update comes. Please look here to learn complete information about his wife and her career profile. 

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