Sales Navigator LinkedIn- Compare the Cost and Pricing Plans!

The article will highlight Sales Navigator LinkedIn profile and the platform’s costs, pricing, and other plans.


  • The sales navigator is a helpful tool for managing sales, targeting audiences for specific product sales, and strengthening client relationships. 
  • The sales navigator can do advanced research and provide information on companies people wish to know. 
  • The calculation is based on specific algorithms that are personalized according to the individuals’ queries, and it helps in the useful searching of all the required information. 
  • The sales navigator applies filters targeting ad targeters and clients and offers unlimited offer options. 

Sales Navigator LinkedIn

The Sales Navigator on LinkedIn is worthy of recognition due to its highly advanced customer targeting capabilities. The platform allows users to use a free version at first, but there are certain limitations to it, such as it cannot perform unlimited searches. 

About Sales Navigator LinkedIn

Users using the free version are liable to do only limited research for companies and individuals. However, if you opt for the paid version, you will enjoy the unlimited benefit of using a sales navigator. The sales navigator is very helpful for business professionals as it helps them to build relationships with clients. 

The platform has the criteria of providing automatic notification in case there is any information related to the saved contacts and their important activities or opportunities that individuals can use for their reach. One can quickly identify the accounts and save important clients for further business opportunities.

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Sales Navigator Cost

The benefits provided by the sales navigator do not come free of cost. Individuals who wish to use the benefits to build their business relationships will have to pay a certain amount to enjoy the platform’s benefits. The sales navigator cost is $1600 per year per seat. 

The advanced LinkedIn sales navigator cost is $149 per month. If the users wish to save 20% more on the given amount, they will have to pay the total amount at one time, and the cost will go down to $1300 per year. The price varies from program to program and entirely depends on which program the users are comfortable with. 

The sales navigate free trial version is only for people not on any other paid subscription on the LinkedIn platform or who have not utilised any free trials for other subscriptions in the past year. 

Sales Navigator Cost Amount
Monthly $149 per month.
Annually  $1300 per year. (20% discount)

Sales Navigator Pricing

The sales navigator pricing is offered monthly and annually and is completely flexible. The users can choose the plan according to their wishes and determine whether they use the career or business plans. The pricing of both plans is different. 

Sales Navigator Pricing

The pricing plans for users include 99 dollars per month, including a free trial and a $959.88 annual fee. Individuals opting for the pricing plans can get 50 male credits and advanced search options. They can also know who viewed their profile in the past three months. 

The pricing plans also allow individuals to find out who is following their company, and it has the benefit of a sales navigator mobile app. It also provides segmentation between buyer and Persona, along with account recommendations. 

Review of Sales Navigator on LinkedIn 

The sales navigator has grabbed business professionals’ attention; many are looking to purchase their version according to their requirements. The sales navigate tool is robust, with a wide range of options available for individuals that could help people find the right people with growing businesses. 

People who wish to know more about the sales navigator LinkedIn, can find the details on online websites and the LinkedIn platform. 

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