One Direction Hurdle Game {April 2022} Current Updates!

Due to the huge demand for One Direction songs, Hurdle created an updated version of the One Direction Hurdle GameStay Tuned for all the information.

Do you know of the Heardle music gaming app? Heardle is another variant of the Wordle game where you have to guess the song’s name by listening to the song’s intro or tune of the song. One Direction is a Worldwide famous band launching their best hits ever. So the game hurdle was one of the best approaches by the One Direction team. Therefore they decided to launch a personal One Direction Hurdle Game. This game created big hype on their fan base. 

New update of One Direction Hurdle.

Many famous singers are bound up with the hurdle game as the Hurdle is becoming famous among the youngsters and players. Lots of people are crazy about such games, which are fun and learning at the same time. 

Hurdle contains many famous singers’ songs like Taylor Swift, Adele, Bruno Mars etc. So watching all this fanbase, the One Direction team decided to launch a personal customised hurdle game that contains only one direction song.

Hurdle One Direction demand.

The One Direction fans are crazy about their favourite songs. Due to high demand, People are asking for games that contain only One Direction songs. Some fans are so dedicated to their favourite band that all they want is to listen to songs of a particular band or singer.

This game similarly developed like a hurdle, but you will find only the One Direction song as a music hint. You can also donate the game if you like the development and structure of the game. The correct name for this game is One Direction Heardle people get confused while searching it online.

How to play the One Direction Hurdle Game.

The process to play this game is the essential part. Hurdle game development is basic and simple; just like normal Heardle, you will play this game. In the beginning, a short clip of a One Direction song will play, and then you will get at least six attempts to guess the correct name of the song and write in the boxes given.

If you can guess the correct name, the box will turn green. If you can guess the song’s name in very few attempts, you will get higher points. Hurdle One Direction games refresh every day, and you will find a new song by One Direction. You can also skip songs to play the next one for hints.


A huge fan base of One Direction and hurdle game demands a new update in the game. So Hurdle created an updated version of the game in which only one direction song took place.

Do you like the songs of One Direction? Write down your comments. Would you like to play this updated version of the One Direction Hurdle Game? You can click on this link to visit the official page.

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