Tips to Optimize Amazon Product Images and Generate More Revenue

When you are selling on Amazon, the product images can be deal-breakers. Product images matter a lot, even so much that 75% of online shoppers make the final purchase decision based on the quality of product images. That is why Amazon has strict requirements for product listings. On Amazon, you compete with millions of other sellers; you cannot expect to win the competition if you are using low-quality product images.

All Amazon sellers must know how to optimize product images for maximum performance and higher revenue. Irrespective of the type of product you are selling on Amazon, Ether Arts has some insightful tips for you. We use these tricks as an Amazon photographer to optimize Amazon product images for our clients.

Let’s get started.

Follow Amazon product image guidelines 

You must follow the recommended image ratios, sizes, and dimensions for Amazon photography. No matter how many other optimizations you implement, other strategies will only work if you get this first step right. Also, there’s a high probability that Amazon will reject the listing.

It would help to keep the product image ratio 1:1, i.e., a square image is best for Amazon product listings. The dimension of the product image should be 2000 x 2000 pixels to ensure high quality. Also, Amazon had made it mandatory that all product images have pure white (RGB 255, 255, 255) backgrounds. The recommended Amazon product format is JPEG, but PNG, GIF, and TIFF are acceptable formats. Another thing is that your product must fill at least 85% of the frame, and the height and width should be at least 1,000 pixels.

Prioritize the images right 

Amazon allows you to upload multiple images for a product listing, so you must know how to prioritize the pictures right. It is essential to choose the primary product image (this image is shown in search results and detail pages). If you do not pick a primary image, other product images might not appear.

We usually name the primary image as ‘MAIN’ to make it easier for clients to put it as the primary product image. Amazon photography requires that you create several pictures of your product. You may use only a single photo, which is not advisable. Experts advise using all the slots of product images to improve the chances of your product showing higher results. You can add graphics and text to the images and product images. As Amazon photographer, we capture a product from several angles. This is how a product’s features and essential details are captured. For instance, if you are selling a beauty product, you can put a shot of the product label to let the potential customers know the ingredients. Prioritizing the Amazon product images logically allows you to help customers better understand your product.

Don’t mess up the color 

Amazon photography requires that all the product information is accurately displayed through product images. This is why in Amazon guidelines, there is a special mention of color. You should ensure that all the product images accurately represent the product’s color. Amazon allows you to edit the product images, but ensure you do not set the saturation so much that it makes the product color appear different. Accuracy of representation is mandatory for all Amazon product images.

Double-check all the product images post-processing to ensure that they are still true to life. One of the biggest reasons for returns is the inaccurate representation of products on Amazon. Shoppers rely on the information they get from the product images to make their purchase decision. You must optimize the Amazon product images considering the accurate color representation.

Include environments in the background

The background of the main product image should be pure white, and Amazon allows you to use different types of backgrounds for additional pictures. You must use this freedom to create different product images that portray how the product will be used in realistic settings.

An Amazon photographer will include the environment in the background to show the product’s actual use. It is a great way to increase the sale of products like furniture where you can show different aspects. However, ensure that when you include environments, do not add extra objects that can create confusion.


These tips will help you optimize Amazon product images like a pro. EtherArts is a certified Amazon Photographer assisting sellers to find success with Amazon. We have helped sellers from all domains improve their conversion and sales with our affordable and professional product photography Atlanta service. Optimizing Amazon product images is one of the best decisions to boost product sales on the platform. These are simple-to-implement tips that can genuinely make a difference in sales.

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