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Complete Solar Eclipse 2024: A total solar eclipse is a celestial event in which the Moon entirely or partially hides the Sun’s rays as it moves within the Earth and the Sun. A complete solar eclipse transformed day into night in North America on April 8.

 It provided skywatchers with an amazing astronomical show. However, they are only seen in a few places. Complete eclipses are beautiful and cause the sky to go dark, which is why seeing an eclipse is sometimes referred to as an occasional occurrence. The date and timing of total solar eclipse.

April 8 is the date of the 2024 complete solar eclipse. Over 185 kilometres, viewers were able to witness totality. The complete blackness of the sky. Between the United States, Canada, and Mexico. It is viewed in as many as eighteen US states.

But Indian skywatchers will not be able to see it. The complete solar eclipse is scheduled at 9:12 pm on April 8. Reach completeness at 10:08 pm and concluded at 2:22 am on April 9, 2024, by Indian Standard Time (IST). At approximately 11:07 am PDT, the western coast of Mexico was the first to see totality. And the phenomenon went to Maine at nearly 1:30 pm PDT.

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Total Eclipse Schedule.

Although totality continued for approximately four minutes, the entire process took roughly two and a half hours. According to NASA, during the period of complete darkness. The greatest spectacle endures for most of four minutes and 27 seconds.

The Great American Eclipse of August 21, 2017, states that the period of darkness reached as long as four minutes and 27 seconds. The totality of most locations on the centre line was about 3.5 and 4 minutes.

Total Eclipse Schedule
Total Eclipse Schedule

How Can I Watch the Eclipse Safe? 

The brightness of the Sun’s surface was so excellent that I stared. Even a tiny fraction of it damaged single cells in the retina.

During its partial stages. Skywatchers worldwide are advised to put on eye protection such as authorized eclipse glasses. If you do not, you risk burning the retinas of your eyes and causing irreversible damage or blindness.

How Can I Watch the Eclipse Safe
How Can I Watch the Eclipse Safe

How Can I Watch a Total Solar Eclipse Online? Eclipse Total 2024 en Vivo.

If you can’t see the totality of the eclipse individually. You can watch the live feed from NASA. On April 8 at 5:00 pm GMT, the broadcasting agency broadcasted live until 8:00 pm GMT.

Also, NASA conducted expert chats and offered binocular observations of the totality from several locations within the eclipse path during the program.

You can also see the live broadcast that the McDonald Telescope in Texas is hosting. The skywatching website broadcasted live on its channel on YouTube. 

How do Solar Eclipses Occur?

An eclipse of the Sun occurs when the Moon moves in front of the Earth, partially or entirely blocking the brightness of the Sun. An area of the Moon that obscures the Sun creates a shadow on Earth known as a “path of totality.” This path traverses the surface as a relatively thin band. If the clouds and weather align, anybody standing inside this ring can see a total solar eclipse.

How do Solar Eclipses Occur
How do Solar Eclipses Occur

The sky will grow gloomy, resembling dawn or dusk, when the Moon obscures the Sun in the line of totality. People will only witness a partial eclipse if they are not on that line or the path of totality. On the extent to which the Moon obscures the rays of the Sun in their location. The sky will show them to be a bit darker than it was before the eclipse.

Update on the Total Eclipse.

The Solar eclipse occurred on April 8, and safety measures were taken to watch the eclipse. To know more details, watch the video online.

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