Write for Us Women’s Health- 2023 Guidelines To Know!

Description- This guide will help the interested person know about Write for Us Women’s Health guest posts writing techniques with the submission guidelines.

Are you a budding content writer? Do you have some fantastic advice and tips to share on maintaining good health? Do you belong to a relevant field where looking after women’s health is your priority? 

If this is the case, then the keen writers are on the right platform. We have brought all the writers an excellent opportunity. Now, the writer can share their thoughts on various women’s health topics here. Also, the readers will definitely get benefit after going through Women’s Health guest posts. So, interested writers can learn about the Write for Us Women’s Health guest post guidelines here. Find more details on the guest posts in the below section.

Description of our Platform: “Info Florence Trust”

We are known as one of the most trusted platforms, and our social presence proves so. We deliver most well-researched articles on the trending topics. Our platform, “Info Florence Trust,” generally shares elaborate details, mainly on product, news, and website reviews. However, our platform also focuses on other important sectors like real estate, obituary, politics, international affairs, and more. Share your Write for Us + Women’s Health guest posts to become part of our established platform. Thus, do not miss this fantastic opportunity. 

What is the professional requirement to share a guest post?

There are no professional requirements to share a write-for-us guest post on our website. We are just looking for the best and well-researched posts. However, people with relevant educational qualifications will be provided extra preference. Also, writers with immense knowledge of a similar field or topic are most welcome to submit their guest blogs. 

Women’s Health Write for Us– Must Follow the Essential Guidelines!

The writers must always keep in mind to follow some essential guidelines while writing their guest posts to us. We have stated some essential guidelines for the keen writers below:-

  • The writers must check their write-up grammar score before submission. The submitted write-ups should have a 98+ Grammarly score.
  • The word limit for the write-up is fixed, and it should not exceed 1500-2500 words.
  • The writers must add only essential points to their article. The “Write for Us” + Women’s Health guest posts shouldn’t have any unnecessary details on them. We won’t accept any repetitive or blabbering content on our website.
  • The writers must submit an error-free article. Proofreading helps identify unknown mistakes and the writers can share quality content with us.
  • Make sure your writing is catchy and should have proper headings with relevant sub-headings. Thus, these additions will make the write-up more engaging.
  • All writers should avoid using AI tools. Any AI-generated content on our platform will be subject to rejection. The Write for Us Women’s Health content submitted should be absolutely self-written.
  • The writer must write short paragraphs, and the paras should have proper information based on their subheadings.

Know SEO Rules of Writing!

The written content should be technically correct as well. Writers must follow the points below to write a proper blog for our platform.

  • Writers must add proper keywords to the articles. Perfect keywords in the article can do wonders. Use the trending keywords to enhance the quality of guest posts. Also, those keywords will help increase the prominence of your Write for Us Women’s Health guest posts on various search engines.
  • Writers have to provide an internal and external link, which will help increase the SERP rankings. The writers must highlight the internal and external link crux phrase and make it bold.
  • The content must have a proper readability score, which should be above 60%. A proper reliability score will ensure that the write-up is reader-friendly, and even a kid of 12 to 14 years will quickly read it.
  • The write-up must not share any illicit or explicit content through it. The links provided with the Write for Us Women’s Health guest post should be authentic. Any unauthentic links will increase the write-up spam score.

How do the Writers Benefit after Writing for Us?

The writers can get many extra benefits after sharing the article with us. Check the below section for the additional benefits of writing guest blogs:-

  • The writers will get prominence through our platform. It will help content writers start their blogging careers.
  • All the write-ups will get proper SERP ranks on our platforms. 
  • The writer’s article can reach a mass audience.

Topics for Women’s Health + “Write for Us” Guest Posts!

Please go through some trending topics to write the guest posts for us. These topics will help you write an engaging post for us.

  • Some health habits every woman should follow.
  • Importance of physical activities for women to maintain good health.
  • Healthy habits women should follow during pregnancy.
  • Why are breast cancers common in women?
  • Daily activities that women should practice to maintain good health.
  • Does unhygienic food severely affect women’s health?

How to submit the write-up?

The main concern that every writer faces is how to submit the Women’s Health “Write for Us” guest post. The proper submission guidelines are mentioned below:-

  • Every writer must mail their guest blogs to the email id below. Also, before sending the mail, the writer must proofread the article to avoid errors.
  • The writer must also check whether that email has been correctly sent or not.
  • All the writers are free to share more than one write-up but on different topics. The writers are allowed to submit multiple articles on our platform.


Thus, start submitting your Write for Us Women’s Health guest posts soon. The opportunity is limited, so make sure to utilize it properly. To share your valuable content, email us at infoflorencetrust@gmail.com. Writers can also contact our team to get details on further procedures. To contact our team members, email us at the same email ID. 

The writer’s well-written blogs will help keen readers know more about women’s health. We are looking for writers with self-written blogs. 

Do you want to share the error-free guest blogs with us? Please comment below! 

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