6 Tips to Help You Deal With a Nasty Breakup.

You Deal With a Nasty Breakup: Loving someone and being loved back is truly an amazing feeling for sure.the late night call,the good morning text just gets in in a good mood. breakfast in bed candle lit dinner.relationship are very fun and amazing.and then comes engagement a wedding and living happily ever after with kids ad backyard with a swing.so beautiful.unfortunately not all relationships have happy ending some end up with very nasty breakups and it’s not anyone’s fault in fact some reakup are a blessing in disguise.even if this true get over a breakup can be very hard,here are a few tip to help you get over a breakup;


You need to first accept that the relationship is over.then accept your failure in the relationship even when you think your ex partner is the one to blame,i am not trying to invalidate your feelings yes he/she might be wrong but because you were also in the relationship you need to take responsibility for the part you played in the ending of the relationship.however small your part was even if is enabling his/her bad behaviour you need to accept,learn from it and forgive yourself.

Do not Blame Yourself.

It okay to accept what wrong you did that led to the end of the relationship but do not over do it.love yourself a little more.accept your mistake and forgive yourself.we are often to quick to judge yourself really harshly and its being fair to yourself treat with a little more empathy.another thing we tend to do when we are heart broken is condemn ourselves and think we will never be loved again and thinking we are unlovable.it may feel like that but that is very far very the truth.sometimes breakup are away of creating room for a better person to come in your life.break ups sometimes are a good thing,it may not feel like that in the begin but after a while you will really appreciate the break up.

Retail Therapy.

I know when one is hurt it’s very easy to make very bad financial decisions. But sometimes all you need is a little shopping spree and i said little don’t go buying a yacht.retail therapy actually work buying yourself something new something you have alway wanted maybe a pair of heels that are on your wish list a nice jacket go out physically and buy yourself a meal treat yourself to a good comfort meal stop worrying too much about the calories get yourself a burger and fries and a big milk shake let the food comfort you.through this will help you feel a bit better do not overdo it.don’t invest heavily when you are too emotional do not go buying a house or a small island stick to things that are not too expensive.

Hair and Makeup.

Try something new with your hair or/and beard.change the color of hair into a fun colour get a new hair style braid it,or trim it or better yet shave it actually shaving of hair in some cultures signifies a big change which i think is really amazing to grow new hair to signify the end of your relation and these days thanks to technology you can just get a wig if you feel uncomfortable walking around in short hair.if you are guy you can change the style of your beard get rid of the moustache that she liked and see you will feel or out your beard try something new with your  hair the best part about experimenting with hair is that it’s not permanent you can always growing back.

Make up is something that help us acquire different look and to be honest makes us feel a little different from the people we really are it’s like a mask of some sort.get yourself new makeup brushes and try a new makeup look get a new shade of lipstick or put that red lipstick that he hated and enjoy it.get bold eyelash like the 25mm mink lashes in bulk and let loose a little with your makeup looks. Or even you can try not wearing makeup and see how you feel just try something new .It really helps to get over the breakup and think about something different.

Stop Keeping Up With Your ex.

I know this is so hard to resist,you alway want to know if he/she is hurting like you or if he has moved and with who.It’s so tempting to try and keep up with his\her life.this is not healthy for your healing and really need to stop.try and remove him completely from your life.stop constantly checking his social media to see what he/she is upto it will only hurt your feeling it does not good to you and your healing process.it will be hard to do this for a while but just try.

Spend More Time With The People Who Love You.

After a breakup it’s easy to think that you are unlovable and no care about you.but that is a lie.there are so many other people who love and care about you. you friend and siblings, go spend a little time with them share your feelings with them,a problem shared is a problem half solved.talk to the people that you trust they may not bring your ex back but they will  help deal with the pain and destruct you.go home and see your parents, nothing feels better than being in you mum’s house and enjoy mum’s food.


Break ups are a reality of life and everyone has gone through it in some way.its not always a bad thing some relationships are not healthy. after a break up learn from in and try and do better in the future.if its too much for you try therapy to help deal with the breakup.

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