Kyrie Irving Wife IG: Check His Age & More for 2024

This post on Kyrie Irving Wife IG will provide some vital information on his Kids Age, Height, and more. Check the updates here.


  • Kyrie Irving is an award-winning basketball player and is known for his skills  all over the worldwide.
  • Kyrie and his partner aren’t married yet.  However, people speculate that the couple is married.
  • The couple had two sons together, and they decided to keep their pregnancy journey secret as well.

Details on Kyrie Irvings wife

According to reports, Kyrie Irving’s wife is a famous personality and has her fandom in places like the Philippines, the United States, Canada, and Australia. Thus, Kyrie Irvings Wifes IG is proof of her immense popularity. Kyrie’s wife is doing quite well professionally. She is a lifestyle blogger. Fans started following her more after Kyrie and Marlene’s engagement news spread on social media sites. 

Updates on Kyrie Irvings IG

Marlene Wilkerson mostly shares her lifestyle updates on her Instagram profile. Marlene Wilkerson presently has more than 400k followers on her IG account. This denotes a considerable fan following on the social media accounts.

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Updates on Kyrie Irvings IG

At what Age did Kyrie Irving get married?

It’s found that Kyrie started dating his present partner in 2018. The couple first met at a basketball camp. Later, they decided to engage with each other in 2019. Thus, Kyrie got engaged at the age of 27. The reality is Kyrie isn’t married at the moment, but he is engaged to his present partner. However, they kept their engagement details secret.

Kyrie Irving’s Family, Children & More

Kyrie’s father was a professional basketball player as well.  He is born to Drederick Irving and Elizabeth Irving. Kyrie’s father raised him alone, as his mother passed away due to illness when he was young. After his engagement, he started his own family and had two sons with his wife, Marlene Wilkerson.

Kyrie Irving’s Kids 

As per the sources, Kyrie has three kids. He had previously married a professional model named Andre Wilson and later gave birth to a daughter in 2015. After that, in 2019, Kyrie got engaged to Marlene. The couple shares pictures of their sons on their social media accounts. Later they had two sons however, the of name one of them is still remains hidden.

Kyrie’s Kids     3.

   Azurie Elizabeth (Born in 2015)

Son    Kyrie Irving (Born in 2021).
Son     Unknown (Born in 2022).

Kyrie’s Wife’s Net worth

Kyrie Irving’s wife’s IG account helps generate huge income per annum here. Equally, she holds millions of subscribers on her YouTube channel as well. She has an estimated net worth of around $2 million from her various income sources.

Kyrie Irving’s Wiki Info

Get the updates on her Wikipedia in the table below:-


Kyrie Andrew Irving.



31 years.
Occupation Basketball Player.
Birthplace Melbourne, Australia
Birthdate 23rd March 1992.
Relationship Status Dating.


Marlene Wilkerson.
Ethnicity African-American.
Nationality Australian American.

Kyrie Irving’s Height & More

  Height (Feet)   6.2”.
Height (Centimetre)  188cm.
Weight (Pounds)   

 195 pounds.

Weight (Kilograms)   88 kg.

 Final Thoughts

The Kyrie Irving Wife IG gives a clear picture of her entrepreneurship and expertise in business. She has a YouTube channel, which helps her generate huge income as well. Thus, the couple Kyrie and Marlene have a high annual financial turnover altogether. Also, they both make a lovely pair and are still deeply in love with each other. Learn more details on Kyrie’s family & kids here

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